Wednesday, June 28, 2006

She's Coming!!

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. ~ Walter Winchell

My best friend Joyci is flying into town tomorrow and I'm so happy! I haven't seen her in about 18 months. Normally we see each other twice a year at the very least--but last year due to my move and her being in the family way that wasn't possible.

We are going to have so much fun it's ridiculous! I've been planning our sketchy itinerary, places to take her to, things to do. She's been to SF before with me and so I just have to pretty much do the opposite of what I did last time she was here. She wants to go down to LA to do all that Hollywood tourist stuff, and I might buckle and agree. Although, to us West Coasters, LA isn't really a big deal. But she's from the East Coast...NY proper so I can see where her drive to walk around Hollywood comes from.

Besides that I've planned hours in the hot-tub, excursions to the beach, Napa Valley, Monteray, China town and North beach. That's it for now. Any other suggestions?

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Something New

I went to the library today to stock up on some books. I actually had a list with me for 6 of them that I had checked out their location last night on the library website (yes, I'm a nerd, I know:) The guy at the desk was really surprised that I was checking out 16 books. Considering that I get to keep them for 21 days and I read a book a day, I'm actually 5 short. I didn't mention that to him though...hehehe.

My new discovery this week is Mozzarella Cheese, Basil and Tomato. The Italian took me to this swank restaurant in North Beach tonight and ordered this as an appetizer. The Nigerian in me was wary of trying something new that looked kinda strange but I braved it out and it was absolutely delicious.

In addition I strayed from my usual dinner fare and ordered Risotto alla Silena, or something like that. It's risotto rice with mushrooms, tomatoes and eggplant. It was divine and now I have to try the concotion in my next rice dish. As you can see, I really don't have much to say today.

Oh well.

Monday, June 26, 2006


Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future. ~ John F. Kennedy

Thanks to everyone who called/commented on the last post. Your support was very meaningful and I'm touched that you would even care, especially those of you that don't even know me personally.

The last six days have been kind of dark, each in their own way. I was struggling all week trying not to fall sick again, but finally just had to give in to the demands of my body. As much as I hate getting a crises because it disturbs the balance of my life (and you know how we Libras are about balance), this time I just couldn't fight it off any longer and had to give in to the fires of pain that wracked me. Thankfully, it was a very short bout and I'm back to my effervescent self.

I packed four boxes yesterday. As I taped each one shut I was astounded with the sense of loss that overwhelmed me. I feel like I've lost a huge part of myself in the last 14 months, pieces that I don't think I can ever get back. At the same time, I've learned more about myself than I ever thought I could know. I've discovered my resilience in the face of adversity, my power to bounce back from heartbreak to find true love and found out who my real friends are from the many that clamored to call me friend. I'm no longer a young adult, but a full fledged one. And I feel weary, old and wise beyond my years.

I decided to stop fighting the will of God, the whims of fate and the flawed system that was set up to discourage instead of protect. I'm going back home, defeated, a failure in my eyes--but at least I'm alive, right?

Hopefully this time next year it will be a different story.

Have a great week everyone. And honestly---quit bitchin' about your jobs. Be glad you have one.

Friday, June 23, 2006

What Color is Your Lucky Underwear?

I actually don't even own any purple underwear. I might need to go buy some.

Your Lucky Underwear is Purple

Dreamy and idealistic, you envision great things for your life. Your lucky purple underwear can make those dreams come true!
You're a busy little butterfly. You have the most projects, interests, and friends of anyone you know.

You also have a flair for the dramatic. Sometimes too much drama comes in to your life and brings things to a stop.
If you want to focus more, and flutter less, put on your purple underpants. They'll help you get the important things done.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bad Day

There's nothing wrong or evil about having a bad day. There's everything wrong with making others have to have it... with you. ~ Neil Cavuto

To everyone that tried calling me yesterday and got my voicemail and no returned calls ~ I'm sorry. I just didn't want to pass the cosmic twists of bad luck that have been following me around lately. Well, not lately. Just lately as in the last 15 months.

You know those trite sayings that people tell you when you are going through something and they don't know what to say? Shit like, "Don't worry, it's going to work out", "Everything is going to be ok...." etc. Yeah, please, don't do that. If you don't know what to say sometimes it's better to just shut the fuck up and not say anything at all.

Today I honestly engaged in a good sobbing session. I haven't cried like that in ages! I didn't want to cry at all, was actually going to 'brave it out' but I was on the phone with the Italian and he insisted that I shouldn't hang up. Something about me not hiding my emotions from him.

So I bawled. Like hysterically. I know it totally threw him for a loop. Bawling is totally not like me. I'm usually the rational, realistic person that thinks on my feet and comes up with a plan in like 5 minutes. But now I don't have a plan. I don't know what to do. I honestly don't. So I cried.

Tomorrow I can be strong. Tomorrow I can have a plan. But today---today, I'm going to be weak, vulnerable and utterly crushed.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Blogger Obituary

A man never knows how to say goodbye; a woman never knows when to say it. ~ Helen Rowland

It seems that every season, every month, one or two of my favorite blogs end up disappearing to the place where dead blogs go. Some stop posting because they are going through major changes in their lives. Some are over the fad of bloggin and just can't be bothered. Some have gotten book deals. While others have gotten sick of the blog wars and cliques. There are several reasons why a blogger would choose to end their blogging days, and every time, it's just when I get nice and comfortable with them.

So maybe I'm cursed. Maybe I'm the plague that sweeps across the blogosphere, with my witty comments and internet affection. Maybe I terrify them, or perhaps I scare them into shutting down. Maybe I pressure them with my adulation and praise, my curiosity to know everything about these strangers that I have encountered. I don't know.

I just know that I won't ever get attached to a blog ever again. Cos you guys are fickle. And can't be trusted to stay dammit!

This post is dedicated to the following blogs, in order of disappearance. The survivors are the blogs that rose up in my estimate to take their place in my Reader.
  1. Brandy's Bitchin' survived by Why I Hate My Husband
  2. The Breakup Babe survived by Tired of Men
  3. Dear Abby's Waste Bin survived by We Three Bitches
  4. Risque Smile survived by Overworked but Underfucked
  5. Single and Fabulous survived by Charming but Single
  6. Happily Never After survived by Virginia Belle (It took a while to fill this slot!)
  7. A Singular Man survived by Useless Men
  8. Enigmatic Life survived by Requiem of College Days
  9. Conversations About Famous People survived by Young, Black & Fabulous
  10. Ask the Pope survived by Scared Bunny
  11. It's All About Me survived by The Accidental Mistress
May you all enjoy your real life away from the blogosphere. I hope you are happy, loved and successful wherever you are. And if you think of coming back...please let me know;) Now for the survivors---don't you dare quit on me! I don't think I could stand another upset in my blogroll. So behave people! If you need blog fodder, let me know:)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

How Spicy Are You?

Obviously I have nothing scintillating to say. At least not today. It's just another week in another life of another woman on the internet. So, let's do a quick blogthing.

Your Spicy Score: Medium

You are hot enough to make a lasting impression, but you strike a balance.
You know when you're being too fiery, and you also know when to bump up the temperature.
Naughty and clever. Sexy yet down to earth. You know how to work both sides of your personality.
Men find you hot yet approachable - the perfect combination!

Her Master & Commander

by Karen Hawkins

I wasn’t really that impressed with this book. Reeves was by far the best and most developed character, and he’s the friggin butler! The whole ‘sheep’ thing got on my nerves. Christian even showed more depth than the hero Tristan. And honestly the heroine was kind of annoying. Uugh! I just am not as sold on this new series. I’ll probably read Christian’s book before I give the final verdict though. For a first book in a new series, I don’t think it packs the Ooomph necessary to make this one a must-have.

Sunday, June 18, 2006


The spirit of jazz is the spirit of openness. ~ Herbie Hancock

On Saturday evening I got invited by my friend Claire to go to a piano bar. It's in Berkeley, a jazz club that was in a pretty upscale and swank establishment. Never one to say no to a good time, I strapped on my high heels, looked the part and headed for a night out on the town.

I've never heard live jazz being played before and I just have to say, I seriously now know that I've been missing out. We sat in the lounge and people watched, sipping our drinks and listening to the band. There were many people there, but it wasn't overly crowded. We had our heads together and made up all kinds of life stories for the strangers, the ambience and music were excellent and we just had a good ol' time.

If you've never been to a jazz lounge, be sure to go whenever you get an opportunity. You can never go wrong with Jazz.

I'm a believer.

How was your weekend?

Friday, June 16, 2006

Why I recommend "A Loving Scoundrel"

by Johanna Lindsey

I finished this book in one sitting. Jeremy has always been a lovable Malory character for me and his own book is no exception. In addition, the whole Malory clan is here en masse, with James, Amy & Regan playing prominent roles in this story. Danny is an excellent and independent heroine, definitely her own person. She really is a character, very well developed and I love how JL explored all the facets of her life and choices. You could see her motives and what led her to make her decisions.

The storyline was most unique, edgy and exciting from the first page all the way to the end. There were even some tearjerker moments. It was funny, witty dialogue with a very fun ensemble. The ending was absolutely perfect, couldn’t have wished for anything better. All the loose ends were tied up nicely and it’s definitely one of those feel good, happy ever after kind of stories.

Is it worth consuming? YES absolutely. But only if you are a Malory clan or JL fan. There is just too many references to the old stories that you have to be an old reader to fully enjoy all the reflections.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

All About the Fives

I got tagged by Overactive Imagination----so don't blame me, ok;)

5 things in my refrigerator:
1. Milk
2. Baby greens & vegetables (salad lover here)
3. Laughing Cow Cheese (a tidbit I've come to love from my Naija friends in Bmore)
4. Water
5. Ketchup

5 things in my closet:
1. A heating pad
2. Too many damn clothes
3. Too many damn shoes!
4. Lots of Nigerian clothes
5. My matching red luggage set.

5 things in my purse:
1. My fat wallet (too much stuff in it)
2. Chocolates filched from Olive Garden
3. My business cards
4. My keys
5. Old receipts that I haven't thrown away yet

5 things in my car:
1. My CD pouch with CDs
2. My Ipod car recharger and ITrip
3. My cell phone car recharger
4. A fluffy pillow I sit on because I like to see everything and feel I'm too short!
5. Maybe some junk in the trunk?

5 people that get tagged
1. My sis the Lawyer
2. Ore
3. YOU!!!
4. Geeky Dragon Girl
5. Over-educated Nympho

Muy Caliente!

My favorite time of day is to get up and eat leftovers from dinner, especially spicy food. ~ David Byrne

Ever since my conception, I've been a lover of spicy food. Being that Nigerians have a very distinct and spicy/pepperish loving palate, it was really easy to get a constant array of perfectly spiced, delicious dishes back home.

And then I came to America. I remember the first time I ordered food from a restaurant that they claimed was 'spicy'. I was very disappointed with the fare. In addition, they only had black pepper on the tables, and every spice lover knows that black pepper barely counts as a pepper.

If it ain't red or green, it's not spicy dammit! Stop trying to pass off black pepper like a pepper, that's just plain foolywang.

I used to have my parents bring in ata rodo by the bagful all the way from Nigeria every year, already dried and ground. I used it in everything, every single dish I cooked, from pasta to rice to potatoes. They still do every single year.

On moving to Cali---man, those Mexicans really know what spice is all about. I love you guys! They totally rocked my socks off with the different variations of peppers they have. They understand why black is abhorrent to us pepper lovers. And they introduced me to the joys of a perfectly cured bottle of jalepenos. It was love at first bite.

Once upon a time, a friend of mine foolishly bet me that I couldn't eat my pancakes at Ihop with hot sauce dribbled on them. I won $20 bucks that day, and I didn't even need a drop of water to wash it down with.

All my Exes have been lame-os when it comes to hot spice. One even had the audacity to tell me that my cooking was too spicy and he didn't like it. I never, ever cooked for him again.

You would think the Italian would be a lover more of cheese and wine then pepper. But once I introduced him to the spicy culinary delights---he's been a believer. He totally craves my meals and will eat seconds and sometimes thirds, even though he's guzzling gallons of water at the same time. He can no longer have a sandwich without some jalepenos thrown into the mix without feeling that something is 'off'.

Now that---is truly walking the fires of hell for love:)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


We're never so vulnerable than when we trust someone - but paradoxically, if we cannot trust, neither can we find love or joy. ~ Walter Anderson

The Italian might be heading to Amsterdam for a few days next month for a conference. It's only going to be like a 4-5 day trip and I think he should go. He's been working super hard, a vacation would do him well. Even though he did reassure me that he wasn't going to partake of any of the hedonistic delights---I did get him to promise to take a picture of the Red Light District to bring back to me. I just want to see if it's really red lights. Yeah, I'm funny like that.

I try not to talk about him alot on here cos you know how I tend to gush on and on and on about topics I love. Suffice to say we're in a really, really good place. Trust is a really wierd thing. I trust him more because of the stuff he's told me about himself and his past and I trust him more in spite of it. Like I said---wierd. It's a stark contrast from a couple of my exes who acted like they were as pure as the driven snow and ended up to be well, not so pure...don't get me started on that!

Hope you guys are having a lovely week.

Monday, June 12, 2006


I finally watched The Mummy & The Mummy Returns, today. I know, I’m about 5 years too late but when it came out I saw the scarabs and I totally freaked and thought it was a scary movie. I was finally convinced to watch it today, but I made him promise that he would tell me if anybody I liked was going to get killed and that if I got too scared I could hide behind his shoulder.


Yes, I’m a big chicken. And yes, I now realize that my fears were unfounded. I loved both of them, even with the really obvious computer graphics. The storyline was amazing and the continuity between both episodes was great to watch. I loved the chemistry between Frazier & Weisz. Whatever did happen to Brendan Frazier? Last time I saw him was in that torrid Monkey Bone movie.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Fantasy Lane...

Without this playing with fantasy no creative work has ever yet come to birth. The debt we owe to the play of the imagination is incalculable. ~ Carl G. Jung

1. You are in the Witness Protection Program and must invent a new first, last, and middle name.

A) Katarina Vixen Matenopoulis

2. You are in a threesome with two famous people, alive or dead.

A) Why it gotta be famous people?? Since you are twisting my arm, Will & Opm1.

3. You are in charge of naming your new band. What's the name of the band?

A) Bad Girls

4. You are going to get a free tattoo of?

A) Nothing. I'm not into body art

5. You are being forced to listen to one song over and over, ad infinitum, as a form of torture. What song is it?

A) Any Hyphy song. Uuugh

6. You are leaving your state/province. What state do you move to?

A) Hawaii. Or Texas

7. You are leaving your country, where would you move to?

A) Lake Cuomo, Italy. Next to George Clooney

8. You get to choose one book as the best ever written. What book do you choose?

A) The Message Remix by Eugene Patterson

9. You get to choose one movie as the best ever made. What movie do you choose?

A) Casablanca.

10. You get to spend one day each as a bird, an insect, and a mammal. What bird would you be? What insect? What mammal?:

A) Bird: Swan, cos I'm pretty;P
Insect: Uuugh. Probably a butterfly, yes I'm vain.
Mammal: Dolphin

11. You must re-live one year of your life. Which would you like to relive?

A) 2003. Best year ever! But I'd also go back to 2000 to handle one tiny bit of business.

12. Which would you least like to relive?

A) 2005. Huge chunks of it.

13. You have a time machine that will take you backwards anywhere from 1800 to the present. What decade do you most want to visit?

A) 1840s Regency England. As a member of the ton.

14. You must choose to go skydiving or very-deep-sea diving.:

A) Sky Diving

15. You get to return to the past (using that handy dandy time machine we were talking about before) and have a sexual encounter with a rock star who is no longer alive. Who do you pick?:

A) Ugh. I can't stand rockstars so I don't really care...Bob Marley?

16. You get to be a contestant on any game show, airing today or in the past. What show do you want to be on?

A) Family Feud

17. You are given $1 million dollars but you must give it all to one charity.

A) Sickle Cell Research

18. You must ban one word from the dictionary and all usage, to be no longer uttered or written. What word do you ban?

A) alien

19. You can have 100 million dollars tax free but if you take it, you'll die at the age of fifty. Do you take it?

A) Oh Hell no!

20. You can commit one crime , and never be caught...what crime would you commit?

A) Rob the Fort Knox. Of all it's gold.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Mundane thoughts...

I'm reverting back to my night-owlishness. It's the Summer Solstice, it's calling me to stay awake all night again and sleep the earlier part of the day away. I'm fighting....fighting. But each day the urge is getting stronger. It's a losing battle I tell you. I might as well surrender.

Is it just me, or during the spring & summer months, does your hair & nails grow faster and stronger? Mine do. Right now I'm staring at 10 perfect ovals of sparkly hot pink luster. Gorgeous I tell you! They are so cute that my man thought that I had had them professionally done! It's been 3 days now and they still look uber adorable.

As you can see, all in quiet in my neck of the woods. How are things in yours?

Monday, June 05, 2006

A-Z Meme

I got this Meme from Ore's Blog.

Accent – Depends on whom I'm talking to. But for the most part is a mix of Naija, Valley Girl and some tones from both East and West coast. Very eclectic.
Booze – Once in a while I'll go for something sweet like Moscato or Hard Lemonade.
Chore I hate – Ironing, I absolutely try to get by without ironing. If my clothes need ironing they won't get worn, or bought.
Dogs/Cats – Neither.
Essential electronics – PC, Ipod, Cell phone, camera
Favourite Perfume – I'm a connoisseur. I have alot of favorites, Rare Gold, Cool Water by Davidoff, Little Black Dress, Spirit by Banderas, Very Sexy by VS
Gold/Silver – Silver all the way baby!!
Hometown – Otun Ekiti
Insomnia – Sometimes. I'm a night owl though so I guess it really isn't insomnia?
Job Title – Freelance writer.
Kids – Three. Adopted or born, doesn't matter.
Living arrangements – Family home
Most admired trait – Intelligence
Number of sexual partners – None ya bizness.
Overnight hospital stays – Enough! Gosh, I guess like 2-4 a year due to the sickle cell. Uugh. Don't remind me.
Phobia – Nothing. I fear nothing. So I guess that would make me Phobiaphobic. Or Nullaphobic
Quote – "Above this all, to thine own self be true," Shakespeare's Hamlet.
Religion – Christian
Siblings – 1 brother, 4 sisters.
Time I usually awake – 10 am
Unusual talent – Peacemaker
Vegetable I refuse to eat – Asparagus. Yuck!
Worst habit
X-rays – Usually get one every admission. At least.
Yummy foods I make – Jollof rice, beef stew, lentil stew, chicken marsala, chicken vino bianco
Zodiac sign – Lovely Libra

Saturday, June 03, 2006


A garden requires patient labor and attention. Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them. ~ Liberty Hyde Bailey

I've never considered myself to have a green thumb. In fact, do to my aversion to mucking around in dirt, I tend to avoid all kinds of growing things. Sure, I can manage to water plants while I'm house-sitting but if you give me a potted plant to take of, chances are it's going to wither away wondering what happened to plant TLC.

When I was a child, my parents hauled all of us to the farm every single Sunday. On those mornings of backbreaking labor (as I choose to remember them as), we would be given individual rows to weed, hoe and pretty much take care of. My brother, the only one of us siblings that had a green thumb, was always given double what we were given. Just to foil our efforts at cheating.

My parents always had this continual rivalry going on. There was always a prime spot of farm land that lay fallow from the last year. My dad would want to plant yams (his favorite dish) while my mom would want to plan corn (her favorite). So every year they argued back and forth about it. It was so cool to watch. Eventually they would split the fallow part equally so that both could have good produce but they always had to have this little disagreement first. I think they put on a show for us or something. So, once my parents were off doing their own thing we were left to our own devices and apportioned land.

One by one we would barter, beg and plead with my brother to help us out. The Lawyer managed to do her part all by herself but the rest of us---yeah, we were plumb lazy. My brother would drive a tough bargain but eventually he would help us all out. For the rest of the week, he was set with household chores like washing dishes---I remembered I once traded him 2 rows of weeding for 2 weeks of washing dishes whenever it was his turn. Yeah, he really did sucker us in!

Now that I'm thinking back, I think perhaps I should have been like the Lawyer and just did my portion and got it over with. Instead of trading sweets, snacks, cash and labor to my taskmaster of a brother. Oh well live and learn:)

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Book Review

We are the scary things that go bump in the night. And we love every minute of it. So when you think you're being watched. You just might be. The question it something evil or is it someone wicked? ~ excerpt from first DH book.

by Sherrilyn Kenyon

This is not one of those reviews that make any sense unless you are a Dark Hunter fan. So you should probably skip this post....I'm pretty much just ranting.

Yes, I did get it the same day it came out. Yes, I did pay $19.99(ugh). Was it worth it? Hells yea! I loved the book. It is definitely bigger with a heavy storyline than the original DarkHunters and Ravyn is a pretty decent hero. Once again Sherrilyn throws a wrench into the world of DH as we know it and after this book nothing is ever the same. Do I recommend it—yes, it’s intergral to following the DH story. If you are going to miss out on a book, this isn’t one to miss out on, you have to read it just for the plot points alone.







My complaint ----we needed more Ash in all his wonderfully scrumptious Acheron-ness. What’s the deal Sherri? Sure I like Savitar and he kicks ass but Ash is the alpha hero that we know and love. I can’t believe that you kept Ash away for majority of the book. Uuugh. I positively hate Artemis, always have, but now I hate her worse.

Ravyn, he’s okay. Didn’t knock my socks off like Vane did. Guess I only have room in my heart for one shapeshifting cat.

Susan, now she is one kickass heroine. Literally. She reminded me alot of Tabitha but not so dark. She was really funny, I loved her. I like how she held her own in all the fights and ended up saving Ravyn alot instead of the other way around. Way to go babe!

Stryker is back in full form. He’s really the ultra villian, the one that never dies and keeps on coming back. I think he’s going to be in alot of the books until the ultimate showdown between him and Ash. After all, the Destroyer must eventually pick her favorite twin.

Nick…...I CAN’T BELIEVE IT. HE SHOULD FRIGGIN KNOW BETTER. WHAT THE HELL??? I can’t believe it. My heart is breaking….I hope he sees the error of his ways and does something to fix it real soon. I like how she incorporated Katrina in the story.

Satara (or whatever her name is), royal PIA! I’m mad that Ash didn’t notice her in the Sanctuary club when he had that convo with Nick. That was totally not Ash…..he notices everything. Sheesh.

Loved the new characters introduced. I hated the killing of Belle, that was so wrong. Can’t wait to read Zoe’s story, I hope it’s a better female DH story than Danger’s was. Now Cael’s story is going to be very interesting now that he’s a DH Daimon. Almost creepy to think about. His friends are going to be hunting him. I hope him and his mate survive. I wonder how that’s going to end out. At least Ash knows about this.

So many plot points going through my head. I loved this book. But I was completely thrown for the loop and not expecting alot of what happened.

So when’s the next one coming out? October right?