Friday, April 30, 2010


i have to admit that I need an Orlando vacation for real not in the summer months but when the weather is just right and you can find somewhere else to go where it is down to the river or up to the lake just to visit some old friends or just stay home and relax some more until some friends stay dropping in, excuses excuses we hear them every day but the devil needs some time a mate to just sit and

sabbath and sunshine

 so yeah CLA i have no idea what this is, i have no clue how to write about this so i will just type something up, the person i love is not very serious right now he is just talking about some stuff and i am not sure how i am suppose to listen to all the things he is saying right now. it is sabbath and i have to log off and go and wash my hair so yeah take care

Sunday, April 25, 2010


hmmm Branson attractions when you think of places to go and people to see what is the first thing that comes to mind, think about it before you answer is it disney or is it just the beach is it just an amusement park or is it a cruise you have to think about this because there are many things that you need to consider before you plan your trip so this is something that must be considered

anyways laterzzz


Things that you need when you are thinking of building a patio. there are many things that need to be considered for outdoor furniture one might think that it is not that involved but it is ooo it is very complex and so visiting stores like Lowes, the hard ware store, macy, jc penny and all the others
i have to admit that i am not normally into this kind of things but a patio is crucial to harnessing the power of the outdoors and enjoying your place to the max

Things to know

I don't know about this mesothelioma that is one of the names that comes to mind when you talk about lawyers and tort law. There are a lot of things that you need to consider and then before you know it there is a lawyer. you get into an accident and there is a lawyer, you go to work and fall down and then there is a lawyer, it seems like after any things happens there is a lawyer and one has to consider it all that at what point in your life do you really want a lawyer to be there


Mesothelioma that is one of the names that comes to mind when you talk about lawyers and tort law. There are a lot of things that you need to consider and then before you know it there is a lawyer. you get into an accident and there is a lawyer, you go to work and fall down and then there is a lawyer, it seems like after any things happens there is a lawyer and one has to consider it all that at what point in your life do you really want a lawyer to be there

Eye care bags

at one point does a person start to look at eye cream reviews do you start when you turn 30 or on the eve of turning 30, do you wait until you are 50 or until the bags under your eyes start to show i am not 30 i am not about to turn 50 yet but still 30 is about 4 years away from the 30 but one needs to start thinking about these things in advance so that you are not caught unawares, so yeah that is the story


My 15 year old cousin

so my non sensical 15 year old cousin decided that he wants to gain weight. he is like 15 and now all he can think about it working on his body, the fact that he stays in front of mirror in the bath room for a significant amount of the time is one thing but now he is thinking of energy drinks.
so i don't know right now i am researching muscle milk reviews just to see if any of this stuff is legit.


So i have been drafted to be a bridesmaid in my friends scheri lou's wedding and so i order the dress right, and it is a cute cheap nice dress but it doesn't fit. I would have to seriously consider getting rid of belly fat in order for it to be perfect. So i guess i can get the extra large dress but then again i will have to do alot of changes to it so that it fits right at the other places

so yeah
i don't know oooo


Monday, April 19, 2010

Hmmm thinking it thru maybe NOT

i need a job i am graduating with a master's degree in computer science in about 1 minute and let's just say that being a bum on my uncle's couch has lost it's appeal, so that is the story and i'm not entirely sure what i'm suppose to do and maybe that is the problem i keep on expecting and waiting and looking for an answer but maybe there is no answer and i'm just suppose to fly

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Guess and see

yeah so when you have a moment, think about all the acryonms that you know
think about them, the ones that you understand and the ones that you don't the ones that blow your mind and require you to dig a little deeper to figure out why they are names what they are and the ones that just roll off your tongue have you done that
now take a deep breathe and try and figure out what CLA stands for


i don't know what this is seriously
what is a atv is it a tv that has an a or is it an analog tv when i think about the fact that 100 years ago there were no tvs and now we have tvs that are flatscreen and huge i wonder if God tarries what will be the effect on my grand children and what kind of children will they be, so yeah that is the story in the long run is that in the interim there is soo much that is going on and if one was to take it one step at a time ......

Netbooks vs IPad

what is the best way for you to get a computer some people are raving about the genius of the IPad while others think that it will fade fast, which group do you fall into. there are other options that might not be as cute but are as functional as the ipad like the acer netbooks and then hp is also working on something in that domain that is more driven by the need to perform than it is to look cute


i go to this church that has the most beautiful chandeliers
seriously they are beautiful some times i just look at them and get lost in the beauty but when you think of all the ways that that money could get spent you start to question whether the best thing for us to do is to spend our money that way and when you start to question the lightening that is suppose to direct you to the Light
it gets all messy
so yeah
light up the ligthening to let the light shine

Online security

what is online backup think about it before you reply because when you think of all the places that you can store your data does it really cross your mind that you want to do it online.
personally i don't want to
i can think of a million of people that i don't want to see the information i have and then there are at least 10 million that have ill will that want to do something evil with the information

so yeah security security
and then think it thru once more

Hmmm children

the first thing a parent needs to do is figure out what exactly in their house has the potency of industrial products some times we just assume that children know this and that it isn't a big deal but when you think about all the chemicals that do exist and how often we use them and the palces we put them that are accessbile to children it is scary seriously and then pray. pray for your children taht all is well and that they take good care of themselves.

okay i'm done

Mortage Cal???

I don't know why one would need a mortgage calculator seriously when you think about it all you have to do it take the % and multiple it by the worth of your house and divided by months and then subtract the principle that you have agreeed to pay and then factor in inflation and the value of the house and how many years you would like to pay it off in

okay now that i think about it
maybe u do need a calculator to help you with this

Seriously it's a ruse

but yeah, i'm not sure about all those people who talk about a daily deal because the truth of the matter is that it isn't really a deal, the week or the day before they reduce the price and then they act like it was the first time it has been that low when in actuality they raised the price about a month earlier just so that they could reduce it today. so please be wise
don't fall for all this nonsense they are talking about because it is just a ruse

Monday, April 12, 2010

Apple listen up

I need to get my dad a camcorder i think the whole ipod and ipad is a little bit too much for him but maybe i should just create what i want him to have. I want him to be able to record and listen to his sermons both with audio and video i also want him to be able to catalog it all and still be able to take pictures and have a picture slideshow as it goes.

so yeah
create something like that Steve Jobs and i'll buy it

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Issues with cars

i need the cheapest auto insurance as soon as possible, that is how broke i am and i am not sure what will happen when i graduate, just had to drop 600 bucks on my car so i'm not exactly in chipper mood and yeah after graduation i 'm not sure what happens so yeah you tell mii who it is and i'll sign up for it asap okay maybe asap is an exaggeration more like in two months


where to put my nonexistent cash

i am not sure where to put my money, in a bank, in my closest under my pillow. I really don't know.when you think of the way the economy is going it is hard to say what is the best course of action but yeah right now i'm thinking i will get an mmf drawer and stick all my money into it and then go from there, of course if someone finds my drawer or if a fire happens i'm screwed but yeah let's assume there is no fire and that all is well

Insurance money from where

Now that health care has been dealt with, how in the world are insurance companies going to make their money. i guess they can try car insurance but then people always have car accidents so this will be hard. Another alternative for them is for them to try and make a dent using home insurance but we have had an unprecedented amount of diasters lately i don't know. I'm thinking that life insurance rate are going to sky rocket cuz death hasn't increased dramatcially.

hmmm yep that is it
life insurance