Thursday, February 24, 2011


what in the world is jsp furniture ? think about it is it a company that is trying to take over jcp ? so all they did was take the c and replace it with an s, now i'm not entriely. So fetch the things you need from the table and use them to paint a picture of the world you want to live in. it is your job to buy the stuff for the house, it is your job to make sure that the tables are clean it is your job to do all of this stuff. it is soo sad

Aging gracefully3

Why in the world we would use anti aging products in this day and age, basically what we are saying is that we don't believe that getting old is something to be proud off. We should treat them like royalty, roll out the carpet and place them on pedestals instead we guilt them and degrade them to the point where they don't even want to tell us their real age. who suffers, do they do or do you. we both do but we suffer more because we repeat their mistakes over and over and over and over again. so sad

Aging gracefully2

Why in the world would you take acne pills seriously when you think about the way to get rid of your pimples by using creams or by changing your diet, what is it with people and drugs, why are we so quick to use them and ask others to use them also i have to admit that for mii oo i would never go that far. Okay so maybe i have to take that back and talk more about love and why it is good and the uses of it but honestly i don't think i want to digress and go that far. so yeah, i'm stopping where i am right now. sowwy love

Aging gracefully

This is the story of a girl who crossed a river and drowned out the world and then she got older, she got so old that she didn't know what to do and so she started to cry and when she was crying i asked her to put on some anti-wrinkle cream so that it wouldn't show what the sun had done to her and that is all i want to tell you about the girl it is important that you realize that not all faces are the same and sooo because what u use. ooooo

Thursday, February 17, 2011


this is the day that one has to start thinking about what skin care products they use. seriously there is a host of drugs out tehre masquerading as quality stuff but in reality they are in bed with the cancer board so that we can get skin cancer and not only are they sleeping
with the cancer people they are also selling their souls to the pharmaceutical companies. yep i said it
so the question is what are you going to do about all the things that i just said are you going to sit there and think about it
or just let it slide away into oblivion as things that don't matter where you are concerned. i seriously need to know what you plan of action will be because it will have an effect on the price of tea in china
because everything is connected in some wierd way.
yep it is

second test

 what in the word does this mean. what and how does magellan gps affect the price of tea in china or the things that are going on in the real word. i must admit that waking up every morning is getting harded and yet realizing that there is much i do not know about
and so i sit and wonder what i should be doing, spending my time thinking about the things that i cannot change or worrying about the words that i do not know and might never know
i have to admit that right now i'm thinking of grey's anatomy and wondering what is going on on that crazy tv show, and so what does that say about mii, i wonder. do i sit and wonder or do i just wonder
i think i sit and wonder and contemplate and then forget all about it
such is life


what do you want mii to say. do you want mii to say that i spend am not afraid or do you want mii to say that i spend my time trying to prepare for the crazy things that can happen. like funeral planning i'm 26 goin on 50 seriously do you really think that now is the time for mii to get involved in all that hype.
So that is the question that i am left with. that is the dilemma that i face. wondering what to do with all the crazy things that will go on in life and trying to prepare for them but doing equally insane things

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Crazy thingers

There are crazier things to get involved with in this world. Not crazy thinger but crazier things and so that is why i sit and wait and wonder about the things that make sense and also about the ones that don't make sense. I spend a certain amount of time on the internet searching for things and so when i came across this whole scanner software i was sold because i need to start thinking about the future and purchasing a scanner seems like a smart way to go. but yeah i gotta go.


When u don't

When you are not sure exactly what is going on sometimes the best thing for you to do is to just wait and see if things work out the way you want them to work out. RIGHT WRONG. WHy in the world will you just sit and wait when you can get up and do things that might make the waiting less frustrating. Yeah, i think that is it, waking up and realizing that the waiting is insane and so instead you get online and shop for womens boots even though it is 90 degrees outside.