Friday, April 18, 2008

Do you have it good

I am tired, but then in comparison to people who work at directbuy who sepnd a significant amount of time in customer service, I believe I have it easy. I mean think about it, how would you like spending the bulk of your day showing people furniture, for real and knowing that the only way you can afford it is if you sold your soul to the devil or won the lottery, now I am thinking of all those people that work at hotels cleaning and cooking after the .....

God is Good

My bad

Citibank is just one of them. let mii continue my rant what is with the buy out of Bear Sterns and what is going to happen to my Delta ticket now that is has combined with Northwest and I am still a lil bit miffed that I was stuck in the airport for because of the whole American Airline thingy actually i think the person I need to accuse is not the airline but the commodity brokers for real i think they are the whole causing havoc

So yeah
My sincere and heartfelt apologies to Citibank


All this investing and investor relations news is getting to mii. I think I am getting a lil' miffed at all these giant corporations having issues, filing for bankruptcy and asking the government to bail them out. This is wrong and practically it doesn't make sense when they earn more money do they pay the average worker NO they don't but now when they need help they come running to mama and papa and screaming help mii

The question is the CEO, is he getting a pay cut or getting fired

CITIBANK you are now officially on the bad corporation list
Merrill Lynch watch out ooooooooooooo

Thank God It's Friday

I went to the gym today and spent about 30 minutes on the treadmill, now I am not a runner, I try and stay away from the mill and usually spend time on the elliptical machine or is it ecliptical machine, I still have no idea how to spell it, anywayzzzz after that I decided to do free weights but was too lazy so instead I used weight benches to pass the time


Mercy please
chill and calm down, who gets to decide the boundaries of what is kosher and what isn't, it seems like we spend so much time setting rules for other people that we know they can't keep but that we can. Who made mii judge, now that being said if someone is really dense enough to think that what they are doing is cool they mercy on their soul or is it mercy on your soul for not getting all up in their business about it

Ezekiel says if you don't tell them their blood with be on your hands but Matthew said Judge not

So what do I say to my tatoo engraving, men's jewelry wearing gay friend.


One stop store

Okay I am about to blow your mind. I have a friend who is on this wedding trip, but trip i don't mean an actual journey but a mental visualization of the event. Now for mii who has trouble deciding what to wear to church I have a hard time keeping track of the various color schemes and themes.

There needs to be one store, a one stop store for people like me, you walk in there and you will have everything you need for your wedding, that way you don't have to spend so much time on the road, things like bridal lingerie,tuxedos, limos, men's jewelry, tablecloth, floral arrangments, shoes, bridemaids dresses, Outer Banks rentals, hotel information should all be at the same store

Mercy, I am goood.

Drug Treatment anyone

Do you know anyone that needs drug treatment. There is this potion that works and it is quiet cheap, you don't have to pay for it or anything like that. Okay let mii start again, do you know anyone that is addicted to drugs? I guess I should define drugs, do you know anyone that using something to numb the pain, anything, TV, Alcohol, Pills, Noise, Music. These can all be drugs

So let mii ask the initial question in another manner.

Do you know anyone who has a hard time dealing with situations and habitually usings ohter things to numb the pain>

Does this sound like you???

Friday, April 04, 2008

I need a sink

I want a sink but i beginning to realize that in owning or at least in calling a sink my own there are other things that come along with it. I just can't have my own personal bathroom sink, no i have to have the tub and the toilet bowl and the floor and even tho' i don't want all this i can't just get the sink alone and then i have to have the furniture to stay in the other room like a bed and then at the end i have to pay rent

so yeah
i want a sink
i need a sink
but i don't want to pay rent

mii and lizards

I have a thing for lizards. I have a thing for the GECKO and i guess that means i have something for GEICO, it creeps up on you this car insurance ad. One minute it is just annoying the next it starts to occupy space in your mind and next thing you know you are looking at quotes all because of a lizards, doesn't seem normal but that is how we get sucked in do i really believe they have the cheapest rates.
but i like the lizard

Get thee to the nunnery

Can I boycott the internet and Tv, and my cell phone and the computer and my car. And people and noise and music and and and. Okay i think i should just check into a monastery

What has me all confused and riled up. Nothing but i am broke and thinking about how much i am not a fan of people who can spend thousands of dollars on bathroom vanities and kitchen placemats. For real I don't understand the way their brain works and being that they are everywhere to some certain degree i am going to the nunnery like Ophelia