Monday, March 24, 2008


Have you ever used cisco to do anything? I haven't but watching talk abou the human interaction network on TV has got mii thinking. It seems that the future has come, they seem to be using technology to bridge the gap and all that jazz the question is why? I am all full of questions today so let mii give you my conspiracy theory answer. END OF THE WORLD. They want to be able to communicate with everyone so that they can have information on everyone so that they can arrest everyone so that they can do tests on everyone.

So yeah

i'm scared


have a nice day
mercy boycott technology and see how far you get

ha ha ha


What does flip mode squad does this mean. High risk life insurance. Who gets to decide if your life is high risk does a smoker have a high risk life versus a drug dealer vs. a candidate for president vs. a prostitute vs. a kid living in Killadephia? So yeah, who get's to decide? I think it is a computer model created by people who studied risk analysis, could it be that it was created and decided by people like mii.

So yeah
I get to decide

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fairy Tales

Walk in bathtubs. Yes. In this age of walk in closest and floor to ceiling compartments for just shoes, it was only a matter of time before someone decided to add bathtubs that are walk in to the list of enormous things that we don't really need but want to have because it will make us feel important. I don't get it. I'm a fan and somewhat a connoiseur of electrical gadgetry but it has it's limits. So please, to those that believe that bigger is better let's leave this concept for fairytales.


Last week i believe it was wednesday night i found myself reading the succession plan for the British monarchy. Mercy not only was i reading the plan but i was also going thru the history of the monarchy and figuring out the various families. Two nights ago, i was in the same situation, only this time it was for the throne of Jersusalem and who can I blame, what can I blame.


last week it was The Other Boleyn Sister

this week it was The Crusades,

next week remains a mystery.

On Being Different

I think being different, going against the grain of society is the greatest thing in the world. ~Elijah Wood

I talked to a friend of mine yesterday that I haven't spoken to in a decade. As I was catching her up on my life, she stated, "Wow Vix, you are still the same. You are still doing your own thing!"

That comment lead me to an introspective phase. Have I really been the same Vixen from 10 years ago? Perhaps she noticed something in me a decade ago that I didn't notice in myself, that thirst for adventure, the wish to live life on my own terms, the quest to answer to no one but myself. Perhaps she sensed 10 years ago that I was different from the pack, I never followed the dictates of the group, I silently acquiesced to the gestures of my position but rebelled in action.

I think the only difference between then and now is that now my revolutions are open and my rebellions more flaunting. Back then I would do and say what was expected of me in public, and do my own thing in private. Now I do and say what I feel in public, and live my life the way I want to live it in private. Back then I was too shy, too introverted and too polite to just let reign words that would fully express my intentions and my feelings. Now, I struggle with lacking tact.

So I guess I have changed. Perhaps for the better, perhaps for the worse, one can't really tell. But I do know that I love the me now than the me then. And I guess that is the most important thing of all.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Time mine

So I spent some of the quality time that i have on fridays. first of all let mii explain what this means quality time is bascially mii saying time that is used to do not the things that i normally do which in my book sometimes means nothing. so yeah i spent some of this time that doesn't belong to mii in the first place because God is the owner of time to at online auto insurance Now i wish i could give you the play by play of how that went but i can't

Dictomy NOT A WORD

I miss house this whole writer's strike thing has made mii miss house.
I have missed the rises and the falls, the deeps and groves learning new words that i will never have to use at my job, I mean telling my boss that the software has mesothelioma or that in order to have the product out by the deadline we would need 50 ccs of lidocaine.

that doesn't sound right.

more madness

So as i was saying but still not making sense
i guess that is the power of not saying anything
no one knows what you were trying to not say but say in the first place

i really wish i had a playstation 3 right now, not cuz i love to play games but just to see if it can all be erased so fast.
so we are back
what did i do
not rocket science
do i consider myself special
okay that might be a slight exxageration.

i'm out

What NO

If I could have one wish what will it be.
Rewind, yes the power to rewind the last six hours.
No. i think it will still be what i have always wanted it to be. Which is what all of you don't know and I do. Do you ever feel like you have said more than you wanted to just a lil bit more than was needed to make the point.
I do
or should i say i did.
Hella what!!!!! wish it could all play in slow mo, i think it is better to have left unsaid the unsaid than to have said it in the first place..

Moratorium on words

I wish that there are drug treatment centers for people that talk to much. is there something i can swallow in order to make my mouth stop running as fast as it does. pride is bad, eggs are meant not to be broken, time does NOT heal all wounds, sucking up sucks, i miss the cold weather and hate the fact that the past could not be erased.


Saturday, March 01, 2008


I was supposed to get away. Take a get away from this place that I just got to and then reality descended when i tried finding good hotel deals. I am starting to believe that this is an oxymoron. There is NO such thing as a hotel deal. How can you compare the money we shell out to the service we get. Honestly I don't care if it Donald Trumps Tower or Bill Gates penthouse it is not worth the money we pay EVEN IF the toilet seat COVER cost $20,ooo.


I am proud of George Clooney, the way he graciously did not accept the Oscar he did not win for the second or is this the third time in the row. I think he was the most beautiful loser. There is something about aging that appeals to men unlike women who spend their days trading wrinkle cream reviews. Mercy

Can I say that again
cough cough Demi cough Harmond, cough Taylor cough Aniston

Phrases we NEVER use

Everything that glitters is not gold. We have all heard that proverb before and if you grew up in Nigeria I am very such that sayings like a stitch in time saves nine, and junk were drummed into your head and let us not forget the whole sayings about loggerheads and raining cat and dogs and kicking buckets and all that jazz but all this stuff didn't mean a thing when you were trust into the English speaking public in the united states. I am trying to imagine trying to book several Las Vegas hotel reservations and talking in idoims

Yes that is the word

please tell mii it is NOT derived from the same root word at idiot is.


War on sleep

I have a problem with pillows in actuality I have a problem with the whole concept of a bed, and this includes the frame and the mattresses and the thing under the mattress. Seriously, i think they are all designed to keep you in bed and less productive. Imagine if you boss bought a couple of water beds and placed them in lounge. How much work do you think we will accomplished by your team


I don't know much about the New York Moving Company but one of the few things I do know is that they move stuff. Now why is this a topic on my mind, well let us just say that when you daydream in most situations in the dreams, you are moving, or have just moved. It is all about, don't let mii generalize but in most cases it is about a fresh start in a new and exciting place, or a promotion that allows you to get a new pad.

So I guess here is my question for mii
Why is it that all my daydreams involve fresh starts and success on the financial ladder