Thursday, April 30, 2009

10 pounds

I don't know what this means. I am not going to front and act like i know what they are talking about cuz i don't. I have about 10 pounds to lose and i can't seem to get it off, i can't so maybe i should get one of those choco Slim thingys. I mean where do you draw the line, for real i mean maybe this whole Solo Slim is a good way to go, i am not sure, i might try it and see where it lands mii.

church buildings

i went to this church and i was blown away by the intricate design and details. I normally don't pay attention to the color of carpet or anything like that. This is the truth but then i looked up at the light fixtures and i was wowed. i'm serious i mean what is the point of decking up the building if the people are cold on the inside. for real these people are more concerned with buildings than with hearts.

i could go on


I need to get away. I really want to do something out of this world. I am thinking i will go on one of those Vegas vacations. How out of the world is this, i am thinking the first thing is finding a place to stay for the week and then buy the ticket, now by the time i am done with all of this i don't know if i will have any money to play and win a billion dollars.


There are so many ways to get cancer in this world, so many ways to get this disease. Some people get it from smoking, or second hand smoking, others get it from the food they eat or don't eat but who knew that you could get cancer from the room you live in. I believe that is the case with Mesothelioma cancer. for real i don't understand it but yeah if u have the symptoms follow it thru.

Shoe for birthday

I need to buy a pair of shoes tomorrow. I don't exactly know what i am going to get, i need an everyday kind of shoe and i am not sure about the whole Dansko option, for real i don't know i haven't bought a shoe in a long time so hopefully i make good choice. so yeah wish mii luck. i am going to go the DSW and i haven't been there in a while.


I don't know what happens when you turn on the tv and it doesn't come on. I honestly can't tell you about the which cell tower is connected to your phone so that it ensures you have all the bars. I will i can explain the whole radio waves concept and how your call connects with a call in siberia when you use your landline. All i know is that at the end of the day when I want to talk to God all i have to do is pray.

end of story.

Monday, April 20, 2009

no real reason

I have a bunch of shoes that i never wear and then there are the three or four that i wear like EVERYDAY. of course that might be a slight exaggeration but it is soo true that i have to figure out a way to balance it all. I must admit that the idea of buying a new shoe does rarely cross my mind but if i were to go on the whole shoe shopping window shopping or online browsing route i might check out MBT shoes

now please don't ask mii why cuz i have no other reason besides the money