Thursday, May 06, 2010

hmmm sizes

i have to think of shopping in a section that is not titled big and tall clothing when you think of all the sections to shop in it seems like they have a section for little girls and another section just for grown ups but when it comes to people in the middle it seems that we are lost, but this retailer actually have a section specifically for those who consider themselves big or tal, isn't that redundant, don't you think so
let mii know what you think

words i still don't know

what the flip mode squad is pronexin seriously i thought i just gave this brief exposition on all these words that all the scientific words that mean absolutely nothing and yet people use them time and time and time again, for real why do they do that so i have absolutely no idea how to fix the stuff that is going wrong with the world, or in my country or even in my life but i know how to spell this word ooo
so please give mii props

scientific words

the things that make no sense today it is the scientific names for all the diseases that you love to hate, seriously who thinks of clams are claymydia and who thinks of the flu are influenza no body does oooo and oooo they continue to create scientific names for everything i think it is because on some layer they want to torture all those students seriousl who knows what irvingia gabonensis means
evil things
think about all the evil things you know about
today i am hating against all those little things that they sell on tv that makes absolutely no sense, seriously diet supplements that work are just the beginning of the next phase of people that think this world can be controlled by cancer pills that come disguised as fat burners seriously i have to admit that it still doesn't make sense.
seriously today i got two emails, that said click here and you would get all this stuff and i was like seriously it seems that on today two people that i know had their emails hacked and today i was offered the chance to get a cheap Ipod touch via this company and i was also offered this other crazy opportunity none of it makes sense seriously but yeah everytime that happens i reply the email and then they come back and let mii know it was a hacker

na wa ooo

I dream

i dream. sometimes i just dream and other days i am this rational person who puts dreams in a box and incinerates it but on tuesday i dreamt it was my birthday so i think i was allowed to indulge for one momemt and just dream and dream i did
what did i dream about, my home not a house but a home and we had this huge bathroom with candleholders and a walk in tubs


the good thing about job fairs

have you ever gone to a job fair to pick up promotional products seriously you get there and pick up a big bag and then go from table to table to just take the lil things that they have on their table. i did this once and for the next 3 months did not have to buy any post its or paper or pens or pencils or frisbees or what else do they normally have a job fairs

so try it one day and let me know how it goes for you