Thursday, August 11, 2005

One Hundred Things

One Hundred Things about Me:
Last edited March, 2007.
  1. I love vanilla icecream
  2. I hate vanilla perfume/candles/scents. I think vanilla is a bean trying to act like a flower
  3. I love spicy food at all times and believe that bland food is an aberration to your health
  4. I don't eat pizza because it's cheese standing solid at room temperature
  5. I'm a night owl, and function best after 10pm
  6. Walker Shortbread cookies is food from the gods
  7. I believe rules are made to be broken and love flaunting convention
  8. I agree with Horace that following convention is the virtue of a stagnant mind
  9. I have never read a book by Horace
  10. I'm a true Libra
  11. I can see both sides of the fence and change my mind which side I want to be on
  12. I'm head over heels over head over heels in love.
  13. I'm also addicted to my Hubby in every single capacity.
  14. I rarely eat breakfast. Unless it's muesli.
  15. I hate waking up early in the morning.
  16. I love to write and have been writing ever since I was young.
  17. I read almost every single Nancy Drew book out there when I was a kid.
  18. I got published in ESSENCE magazine February 2007!
  19. I love the internet.
  20. I haven't eaten a banana since I turned 10.
  21. I love eating fried plantains.
  22. I dislike going to the zoo because I feel bad for the animals in captivity.
  23. I'm a vegetarian.
  24. Normal people worry me.
  25. I think that I'm very very intelligent and everyone else is a moron.
  26. I have grandiose illusions.
  27. I only like 3 children in this whole universe. My 2 lil cousins and my blessing child. Everyone else I can't stand, I think they are so friggin' spoiled.
  28. I love the color blue.
  29. I've only drank 5 drinks my whole life...strawberry daquiris, Cosmo, lemon drop, Mike's Hard Lemonade and wine.
  30. I laugh at the foibles of celebrities.
  31. I love my life!
  32. I hate scary movies
  33. I thought the Sixth Sense was a scary movie.
  34. I run and hide during the scary parts in non-scary movies like Day after Tomorrow
  35. I cried when I saw Beaches, A League of their Own, Stepmom, Day after Tomorrow
  36. I didn't cry for Titanic because I thought Kate was retarded for not getting on the lifeboat and letting Jack die. I have never watched Titanic again.
  37. I hate procrastinators
  38. I procrastinate
  39. I used to act 'plays' when I was a kid.
  40. I still act them out as an my mind.
  41. I have a secret that I'm dying to tell someone but promised to tell no one.
  42. I can't wait to let it out.
  43. I detested the most popular girl in high school.
  44. She was my sister whom I love to pieces.
  45. I plan to travel the world before I am 36.
  46. I'm almost 26 and haven't done that much travelling yet.
  47. I love planning surprise birthday parties for people.
  48. I have never had a surprise birthday party thrown for me.
  49. I watch waaaay too much tv.
  50. I spend too much time on the computer.
  51. I have really amazing, loyal and selfless friends.
  52. I have started writing several novels but have never ever finished them.
  53. I have to have an emotion to write.
  54. I'm ambivalent most of the time.
  55. I like getting bills.
  56. I hate paying them.
  57. I have 2 close friends who are psychiatrists.
  58. I get green couch therapy time for free.
  59. My childhood was very happy.
  60. In my perfect world, where everyone listens to what I say, I get to do whatever I want and I am the Queen, my sky is purple.
  61. Purple is a pretty sky color.
  62. I think women that stay in unhappy relationships are foolish.
  63. I used to be foolish, but I saw the light.
  64. I can play the recorder pretty well, the violin very badly, and the piano even worse.
  65. I never iron my clothes. If they need ironing, they won't get worn...or bought.
  66. I'm a creature of habit.
  67. I hate unpacking with a passion.
  68. I love gadgets. Spiffy, state of the art, top of the line gadgets.
  69. I think your president is a moron.
  70. And so is 51% of America.
  71. I have never cried at a funeral. Not even my grandmother's whom I was very close to.
  72. I have to cook in a clean kitchen.
  73. I detest cleaning the bathtub.
  74. I pick fights with my sisters just so I can flex my debating skills.
  75. I will never go back to my college Alma Mater for alumni. Ever again.
  76. I need my two feet of personal space.
  77. But I'm not claustophobic.
  78. Compared to the rest of my family, I'm not crazy. I'm pretty sane.
  79. My favorite food is rice. I could eat rice everyday for weeks and be just happy.
  80. I don't think I can make it to 100.
  81. I'm addicted to my computer. And the internet.
  82. I'm trying to define the art of compartmentalizing my emotions...I'm hopeless at it!
  83. I agree with the theory of Delayed Gratification.
  84. I hate the practice of it.
  85. I like thinking that I'm right. Even when I'm hopelessly wrong and I know I'm wrong.
  86. I love speeding waaaay past the speed limit.
  87. I gave my car to the sister in #44 (see, I do love her!)
  88. My favorite juices are grape and lemonade.
  89. I hate dark sodas like Pepsi and Coke because I believe that they are toxic.
  90. My favorite soda is Raspberry. Followed closely by Orange.
  91. I like sleeping on my right side at night.
  92. I'm a girly girl to the core, manicures, pedicures and shopping make my day
  93. I only make my bed a few times week.
  94. I love being the center of attention.
  95. I think lists like this are redundant.
  96. I made one anyway.
  97. My favorite movie is Ever After.
  98. I have an affinity for languages and plan to be quinti-lingual one day.
  99. I do believe in true love, happily ever after and all that jazz.
  100. I believe the One actually does exist. And I've found him.


Justice said...

WOW, so much to take in about you at once. LOL

SpecialDark said...

I love me some "Vixen". As much as I hate to admit it she actually is evetyhing she says she is-- and more.


NML said...

I'm convinced that you're me. Will Smith was my first love and I was *besotted* with him from age 12. I had no idea you had sickle cell. Does this affect you badly? {hug} What is it about these ailments that afflict black people? My one is a predominantly black disease. I too love vanilla ice cream but despise the smell! And how on earth do you live the life of the idle rich? Can we swap lives for a bit? x

jessica said...

I also cried during stepmom.

MzIndira said...

That's my girl, some things I already knew, a few I didn't want to!

Shade76 said...

may I copy and paste it on my blog, babe?
I'll have to translate it, of course, but your idea is cool :)
I'll be back, promise ;)

Vixen said...

Sure shade, go right ahead!

Pink Lemonade Diva said...

this flowed so well. not easy to do.

Beatloaf said...

I love that-"vanilla is a bean trying to act like a flower"

Miss Krys said...

Yeah that vanilla bean being a flower mad me laugh out loud.

I want to be Oprah when I grow up.

anny said...

i used to watch EVER AFTER religiously. i'm a romantic movie junkie. and i also like TITANIC and tried not to cringe when u said u hated it. :)

i'm also wondering how u live the life of the idle rich?

Vixen said...

By enjoying life, not working too hard, and playing every single day!

Auntie Kathy said...


Tosin said...

You get weirder by the second don chya.

The Mistress said...


Hopeful B! said...

oh my...really revealing and we are kinda alike and its scary!! am libra and also born on the year of the monkey!

Carol Green said...

I hate the zoo too! Great post! Loved it! Can I steal your idea? LOL!