Monday, January 28, 2008

Recession and life

I'm thinking of getting life insurance quotes just to see how much the people on wall street think my life is worth. I mean it is said that the economy is going into a recession so maybe this will be a good time to capitalize on people's fear but then again isn't it the reverse doesn't it work the other way people are scared so my life is not worth that much????
I need to find out

Phase 10

So my cousins are hilarious. For real they are off the chain funny. So there is this card game called Phase 10 and for some reason I decided at around ten pm that we should play the game, well initially it started out okay we were all on Phase I and they were beginning to understand the game and then the 13 year old shot ahead by like 4 phases but then we teamed up against him and it all ended up to be a three way tie.

Did I mention that we baked a cake in a frying pan.

SUper Bowl Baby

So I have to watch the Super Bowl. I have to see Tom Brady lose. I really need him to lose to Eli. Now I really don't like the Giants but Eli is related to Peyton and I am from Indy so yeah we need Brady to lose. So I am thinking of getting some home theater popcorn machines just to spice up the event.

Okay I won't get the machine but I WILL watch the show.

Desk please

I need office furniture in my room. I need a table and a chair and a desk so that I can feel like a student. I don't know, how can you be a student and do homework on your bed but that is where I am right now. I've been back in school for like 3 weeks and I still haven't gotten the hang of it. I keep on thinking that eventually it will just magically come but it hasn't so yeah maybe a desk will help.


Do me a here.


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Shell Shocked

For death begins with life's first breath And life begins at touch of death. ~ John Oxenham

My patient died a few nights ago. It was the most bizarre experience ever. I had just been in his room, taking his blood pressure (which was fine), drawing his AM labs and talking to him. I walked him to the bathroom and back, then tucked him in his bed, got him a warm blanket and said goodnight.

I went into my next patient's room to hook up his antibiotics. The Monitor tech calls me and tells me my other patient has a junctional rhythm. I rush in there and he's pale and unresponsive, his head crooked over to the side, his dentures halfway out of his mouth. I instantly freaked and started shaking him, then hit the code button (even though he was DNR). I told the other nurses that he was DNR with chemical intervention but his heart had stopped beating and he wasn't even breathing. The doctor pronounced him at a few minutes after 3am.

How can someone be talking to you and then dead the next minute? He was old, in his 80s and had COPD...beyond that, he should have been fine. The family is not going to do an autopsy, so I'll never know what happened but always have questions.

This isn't the first time that my patient died, it's just the first time that it was so unexpected and random. I was the last person that he saw before he passed. I was the last person he spoke to. I'm still shell shocked. The nurses on the unit accepted it cynically, and almost without empathy. I'm dealing with hella emotions at this point, feeling that if I had stayed in the room for just a few more minutes I could have helped him live.

The next night I had a patient in the SAME ROOM. Unfortunately he didn't get much sleep that night because I kept going in to make sure he was still alive. I checked on him almost religiously, freakishly paranoid that this old 80 year old would die on me too.

How do nurses deal with all these emotions? I don't know what to do.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

CNN after sleep

So yeah life is full of crazy things.

As I was saying earlier, I had this nigthmare woke up saw that I had overslept and then heard the TV CNN in the background and in that second i wish i had an alarm system monitoring the movement of the various people in the house. Then I would have known without getting out of my bed if someone was watching the TV or it someone had left it on.

Anyways i drag myself out of bed 30 minutes after the sounds starting to get to mii and realized that NO ONE was watching the tv.


Dreams, acts, scenes and nigthmares

So yeah I had a nightmare last night. It was one of those that came in parts like in acts or scenes. In and off itself each scene could be described as comical but when you put it all together it was horrific and and then i woke up and i realized that i had turned off my alarm some time during scene something. Anyways there was this one scene or act that is still in my mind. My friends two sisters decided to commit suicide by jumping into a river full of fishes and then someone opened Danze faucets and sharks started coming out.

I told you it was creepy

What is the difference between a scene and act

Monday, January 14, 2008

Life Insurance

Everybody needs a short term life insurance quote. Not like you are planning to die or commit suicide and you are trying to get things settled for your cat and dog by having a policy in your name. no. not that, just find out if you are living a risk free life, now i know there is no such thing as a risk free life but you will be suprised to find out how much the little things like smoking or tickets or diabetes affect how much you might have to pay for life insurance.

So yeah, check it out. esp. if you are in your late twenties.


I am in love with Southwest airlines. 2007 was one of those years that I was constantly on a plan but as of today they have never lost any of my luggage and when they put it on the wrong flight they gave mii 50 bucks o and let us not forget that they allow you to check in 3 pieces of luggage as opposed to two like the major airlines.

So yeah if you have to travel this year think about Southwest.

Mercy, i should like a TV ad.

Vacation 2008

Not entirely sure what Branson hotels are or what makes them so different from the Hilton and all those other namebrand hotels. I am officially planning a vacation for 2008 and I am boycotting all namebrand places and namebrand hotels and cars.

Yes this is going to be virtually impossible but instead going to Vegas or Florida or Cali I'm thinking North Dakota or Iowa or Arizona something unique but equally rewarding

wish mii luck

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hey peoples,

Do I really post that infrequent that noone knows I've been out? Dayum! New Year Resolution, post more often.

I was sick in the hospital since the 5th, not a cool way to start the year but it has been my modus operandi as of the last few years.

Anyway, there is alot to do and say, but first I must catch up on all you blogging freaks out there.

Oh, and although I'm hella late,


Sunday, January 06, 2008


The crazy stuff that we do. I was on the web today reading business journals and came across a concept that rings a lil' bit of the disposable society that we live in first things first who has every gottne invovled with one of those laptop rental buziness'. How does it work people spend a lot of time looking for a laptop for rent. crazy things in this world

Friday, January 04, 2008

Plasma TV

So mii and my friend in Indiana had this 45 minute discussion on where plasma tv stands in relationship to the whole HDTV and Blu ray format war that is going on and after all that time i don't think either of us convinced the other of our stand. I'm not anti emerging technology unless it is medically relevant ans she still thinks some of it is cool or let mii say her hubby thinks it cool so she goes along with it.


so yeah
death to plasma


There is Tennessee land for sale in Tennessee, i mean what other state would they be selling that kind of land, sometimes i wonder about the dumb things ppl. say like ummmm cold ice water, what kind of ice water isn't cold and stupid stuff like that. I like the contrast that oxymorons present because sometimes they make you think outside the box like beautiful pain or sweet sorrow.

but yeah
what do i know i hate english.