Friday, December 24, 2010

Leaver's Dinner

When I was in Grenada we had what we called Leaver’s Dinner. This was the akin to Prom in the US. I started going to the dinner in the 4th form and one thing is for sure; it was the highlight of high school life. You had to have your best prom dress or tuxedo/suit.  This would always promise to be the best night of your life!

Customized Photo Albums

My girlfriend and I have been together for about 5 years. In that time we have taken easily over 1000 pictures. Some of them are great, some corny and some just bad. However, we are collecting junkies so we want to keep them all. So we need to find customized photo albums that will be able to capture all those pics.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Last one

what the flip mode squad does this mean, seriously you say that something is going to work uninterrupted for about 24 hours and then they turn it off at 2 am and then you tell them that ah what is going on and then they proceed to turn it on for another 2 hours nd then turn it off again for another 2 hours. and so i am left wondering and thinking about all of this. this is why i need to constantly check htc desire reviews so i will know what is going on

Fourth one

I need a laptop that has a battery life that is forever. okay maybe that is unrealistic but can i have one that extends for at least a month like a kindle and takes about 10 hours to charge. would that be a good option or would that be too much. i have to think about it and i would really not have a problem with charging it for 24 hours if it was a guarantee to work for about a month without any charge because in this current state of affairs let us just say that
that is it

Third one

I need a vacation and i am on a vacation. Let me say that again, I need a vacation and i am on a vacation so what does one do when this is the case. for me i think the thing to do is to go and surf the web and look at the options that exist and so that is what i am doing. Right now i am thinking of setai new york and one word that comes to mind is speechless or should i say WHAT or maybe i should just say this ROCKS babyyy.

Second one

so this is the story of how things get down to the wire and then you find yourself pleading and begging and hoping that all will be well. The thing about it is that when it doesn't do what youou want you find yourself begging and pleading for sanity but it doesn't come and so you look for cheap auto insurance just so that you are not spending money daily and seeing it pissed down the drain.
i really don't know oooo

First one

right now i am in  nigeria which is boiling hot the idea of having an electric blanket at any point in the near future is the furtherest thing from my mind, maybe that is a bit harsh to say but seriously have you ever been in a place where sweating is the normal course of duty and when you are sitting down you are just there doing absolutely nothing.
so yeah all in all i have to say that this is a day and that when it all comes down there is a story that you might not know so maybe i will stop typing and let things be the way they need to be.
maybe that is it

Sunday, December 05, 2010


stuff like bridesmaid dresses are the ways your friends repay you for all the evil you have done but they decided to ignore over the course of your relationship. personally i think weddings are a hoax credited by bigots to make most people miserably but for some odd reason the rest of the world buys into this junk and so we spend time just wasting away trying to make sense of it all and doll ourselves up. so sad and pathetic, why can't i be a friend and not be miserable forgot that