Thursday, April 28, 2005

Thursday Nights....

I can think of nothing more boring for the American people than to have to sit in their living rooms for a whole half hour looking at my face on their television screens. - Dwight D. Eisenhower

Ok, so some presidents happen to be quite smart. Others it's hard to say. If Eisenhower knew that to interupt one's Thursday night line-up to give a speech about social security and rising gas prices was wrong, he should have passed it on.

Don't presidents have a book where they right all things that are taboo to do to the American people? Ok, not that I'm claiming to be American...but just know that the Nigerian prez would know better than to interupt ANY soccer match that Naija was playing to give a speech.

I mean, I look forward to my Thursday night lineup. It only comes around once a week. It's the only night that I have fully dedicated to one TV station, nowadays, it's hard to be loyal. But instead of the witty repartee of Will and Grace, I get this, your president giving me a speech on how technology is going to improve gas prices. Duhhhh, I could have told you that in 5 seconds, it didn't need to take a whole hour!!!

And the SS plan, even though most people are against it, doesn't sound to shoddy, but he didn't have to cut into my time with Joey to tell me that. He should just write a blog about it, and spam everyone's email the way he did during the electoral process. That would have worked.

But noooooo! He has to give a detailed speech, yammering on about the pros and cons of giving more tax breaks to rich people and screwing with a system that was fine before he started tinkering with it. So what if the system will be broke by 2045? Most of us would have died from a nuclear winter anyway, or be living on Mars, and I'm sure the rest alive over here will be able to survive. Most countries don't have the luxury of a bonafide SS plan, and they are taking care of their old parents just fine, without any help from the government. So if the system is broke, I'm sure that your kids will have you stay with them. (If you don't have kids, then you need to start working on your 401K)

Still, this is info that I didn't need to know. He could have broadcasted during the news hour...people who watch the news like to be informed...the rest of us just want to be entertained.
Note to Prez: Don't ever interuppt my lineup again. And if you are going to, make it Monday night or Tuesday. Or even Friday. Just don't mess with Thursday...and DON"T EVER TOUCH WEDNESDAY!!!!

Because Wednesday is Alias. And everybody knows not to screw with me and my one hour of Alias. If you do, I'm liable to go ballistic on you. And trust me, you don't want that.

Sunday, April 10, 2005


Happiness is not an ideal of reason, but of imagination. - Immanuel Kant

Most women, when they are depressed, upset or unhappy...they shop. Most shop for clothes, some trinkets, almost all definitely find joy in an atrociously expensive shoe from Jimmy Choo. However, yours truly finds her joy in gadgets. Oooooh gadgets, got to love them.

So, being that I was feeling sorely upset about my job, the fact that for the past month I've been working in a locale that leaves me feeling underappreciated and underutilized at the end of the day, I shopped. On Ebay. For an atrociously expensive cell phone. And after about 30 minutes, I found my heart's joy.

The choice was between the slim and sexy Motorola RAZR, the new edition phone that cost $350 on the open market. And then the Motorola V80, whose link I included above. Stylish, has all the same features as the former, for a fraction of the cost. After doing my online research, and for those of you that know me know that I don't sleep on the online thingey, I called my resident techie, my sister's boyfriend in CT. I sent him all the specs and the pros and cons. He stated that the only thing super gravy about the RazR was the sleekness and thinness, and that is what the high price was all about. Plus, the V80 hasn't even saturated the US market yet, and it has the whole rhythm lights and vibration thing going on.

So I took the plunge, clicked on Buy it Now and ordered my atrociously expensive gadget. It came with all the accessories, bluetooth earpiece, leather case, car charger, and more, all for a whopping $250, S&H inclusive. Definitely a steal.

The only drawback was beautiful phone fell off the truck in France. The manual was in French, the phone's original language was in French..."Moi? Parlez vous Francais?" Hell no!! So I did what any woman in distress would, I took my gadgets to Cingular to get them to fix it.

Besides the fact that the store guys where rhapsodizing over my phone (Yeah baby!), they were able to synchronize my gadget with their network, change the language to English, find me a manual in English online, plus, he gave me a free SIM card. I don't know if all of that was in customer service or not, but Cingular guy...big ups to you.

So I have my new phone, and I just finished reading the manual. It can do waaaay more than my old phone ever had the capacity to do, plus it's sooooo stylish. I know that I will be standing out when I get to Silicon Valley, if only for this gadget alone. Plus, I was text messaging my girl Mary in Michigan. She's a tech junkie too, and she had just splurged on the Motorola A630, so now she is officially the fastest Text Messaging Queen. I still have to get a few more gadgets to catch up to her level of gadgetry, but Mary, know that I'm working on it.

My number is the same, so those of you that know it, give it a buzz, just so I can check out my new ring tones and such.

Ok, this post was totally shallow, but I just had to share!