Thursday, July 22, 2010

His Presence

His love fills us up. That is the long and short of it. When you realize and accept His love you cease to be conformed by the conventional modes of praise, worship and living, you praise Him the way your heart cries out. Now for some of us that might mean sitting when others are standing, for others it might mean kneeling and for others it might mean just crying or writing or bopping your head from side to side.
You begin to learn more just by being in his presence each day. 

Not slaves

We are not slaves or servants, but friends of God. We have been given an inside track as Christ says in John 15:15 to know what the Father is doing. The world at large may guess and wonder, but we know how the story ends. In those difficult moments when life ceases to make sense we trust in His promise that we are heirs, a royal priesthood of a eternal kingdom. Then you turn on the TV and there is a list of stuff like clinicallix that needs to be checked into


We are heirs of the kingdom. Joint heirs with Christ, Paul says in one of his epistles - so we don’t retire. We will get tired, cry, take time off, regroup but we press on through each struggle and each trial because we know that the affliction of this world is temporal in comparison to the eternal peace that awaits us in Heaven.  acnepril reviews  on the otherhand is a long list of things are a good that should be reviewed. So this goes out to every prince and princess of the kingdom - press on y’all (said with my Texas twang).

one more

We are the church. A common fallacy that is pervasive in this century is that the leaders of the church and the building itself are what define the church. Turn on any Christian radio station and you will hear people talking about their church and who their pastor is, as if that is what recommends your church to a dying world in need of a savior.
acne cream

No way

elationship with Christ. The mood was set with appropriate decor, small round tables that welcomed intimate confessions, candle light, purple color lights dimmed across the stage, a guitar stand. It looked like your typical coffee house or poetry joint. About a mile from the Georgia Dome young people gathered together from across the globe some wearing jeans and cotton. I look  for place to sit and that’s when I see her. Over six feet tall wearing a pink  tank top, blue jeans  with her long blond hair in a ponytail she looked more at home than I felt. There were tv stands just sitting there

Whats up

I don't know what is going on in this planet but there are alot of things that are being doing disability appeal
One thing realized is that it is less about you - and more about it. Less about what those around you may think and more about just being humble and giving praise to the One who Is.

Matt Gamble was in the house sharing from the first chapter of Paul’s letter to the church in Ephesus, Nick Zork was in the room with a praise band that had notable alums from Andrews University. In the next couple of weeks I will forget the songs that were sung and the major points of the message, but her praise has left an indelible mark on my heart. As I strive to live this Christian Experience I will remember her worship and try to be true to the One regardless of who is watching.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Insurance or car

what happens when your car is stuck on the side of the road what do you do so that you can be safe in your car, do youg et comprehensive insurance and sign up for roadside assistance or do you just get a new car. is it cheaper to have a new car or get comprehensive insurance on your old car. i have to admit i don't know but today the engine light on my sisters car and i am just wondering oooooooooooooooooo

God please fix the car

Water hard or soft

Life or something like it what in the world is going on and what is th eworst thing that you think can happen when things go on in this world, i have a friend that puts a filter on her bath water just so that she can have soft and not hard water on her skill. i'm thinking i will just recommend her to have a distributor water filter so that she can have soft water all in her house

i'm sorry what is hard water


will i need bridesmaids
i don't know
will i have to get some maid of honor gifts
i don't know
i really just want to go to vegas and leave it and not to do the whole drama but it seems that in this life i don't always get to do what i want to do and so i am left to thing and wonder what is going on and if i can just do what i want to do but the fact of the matter is that there is soo much going on that people won't allow to happen and so i wait and i wonder and the whole thing is

supply spring

what in the world are spring plungers when summer and spring comes arund i must admit that there are numerous things that just boggle my mind. why is it that every year they make it seem that what happens in those two seasons are different from the rest, spring cleaning, don't you clean during the winter, summer break, don't you have break during the fall.
anyways that is my opening right now

Life or what

for real Symbol LS2208 when you think of all the symbols for all the cameras and items out there which one stands out the most i have to admit that i have a camera and sometimes i use it every day and sometimes i don't tocuh it for about a month and then there is my computer which has it own symols, when i try and imagine life without my computer i have to admit that i can't even think about life without it


Life in a minute

there are people who are into everything from their weddings to funeral planning they have every single minute of their life documented and planned out even before they have reached age 20. seriously. at what point do you just sit down and pencil it all out without it getting overwhelming, i'm twenty six going on thirty and i have to admit that i can't imagine life at 50
so chill

My Father

I went shopping with my dad today. I don't know what your experience has been with parents and shopping but this is what happens when i go out with my dad for two hours. I end up spending over 5 hours. I have to admit that the time spent together was priceless. For instance we went to a store and he got this suit that he liked and then he said he will get rid belly fat just so he could fit into it

Tuesday, July 06, 2010


some people say i have gained weight others say i have lost weight it is all a question of who you ask and the last time the person saw me. I don't think i will ever consider using weight loss pills though because it seems like a cancerous pit that just beckons and seems inviting but in reality it is a disastrous trail that can only lead to yoyo weight loss and gain.

sex vs. hair

honestly women deal with a lot think about it when something goes wrong with the kids they always blame the mother, when there is a downturn in the economy they are the first to lose their jobs, when they lose their hair what happens but you don't hear people give expositions on hair loss products for men because it honestly isn't such a big deal instead they have viagra which is more important

the ability to have sex versus the ability to have hair



i don't know what is the advantage of an outdoor fireplace seriously when you think of the amount of bugs that live outside why would you decide to do something like that. so yeah i'm more of the whole indoor option which instead allows one to sit on the carpet and see the fireplace. but then the problem is where does the smoke go, and so yeah i'm not sure which way it would go but yeah i think an imitation fireplace might just work after all

Does it make sense

The downside to buying an expensive car is that you have to worry about the parts later on, do you have any idea how much Ferrari parts cost or how much it takes to get a tie rod for a bmw, seriously when you put it all in perspective you begin to realize that only nonsensical people like p diddy can spend four hundred thousand on a car for his son.
regular normal folk
yeah right

What is down

There is so much going on right now and i have to admit that for alot of people this oil spill has really turned their world upside down. On CNN now everyday they put the spotlight on a person or company that is free lancing trying to solve the energy crisis issue and doing what needs to be done to stop our dependence on foreign oil and deep sea drilling. so what do you think about a  portable oxygen concentrator i have no idea what it is but then again there is always google