Thursday, October 20, 2005

Life Plan

If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much. ~ Jim Rohn

If you deliberately plan on being less than you are capable of being, then I warn you that you'll be unhappy for the rest of your life. ~ Abraham Maslow

I'm putting this down so that I can look back at this and check everything off the list. When I was younger, I did have a plan, and came across it quite recently. It was young, idealistic and of course did not factor in any real life issues like money, time and opportunity.
Before the end of this year I still have to....
  • Get driver's license.....
  • Get accepted into Loma Linda
  • Yeah, one more thing....I know what it is;)
Last Updated December 28, 2007.
Three Year Life Plan

  • Start grad school ~ Master's in Nursing Education
  • Buy my own car
  • Finish writing R&W
  • Devote time into making Baggage Reclaim BIG!
  • Finish unpacking from my last three four moves
  • Date more No longer needed:)
  • Fall sick less
  • Actually start drinking that green magmaL-Arginine stuff (started October 2007)
  • Build my faith and get more involved with church
  • Fix violin and start taking classes again
  • Get back into nursing (the job)
  • Make a big dent in that CC debt
  • Get into a real sport (dancing doesn't count)
  • Travel outside the US (to Lagos, London, Scotland & Ireland)


  • Go to Australia (if I haven't gone yet)
  • Begin second Master's in Nursing Informatics
  • Get more experience in Critical Care Nursing
  • Obtain Advanced Practice Certification
  • Maintain status
  • Eradicate credit card debt
  • Publish the Bad Girls Guide
  • Travel to Greece, Italy & Spain


  • Finish MSN in Nursing Education
  • Transition into nurse education while finishing up Informatics degree
  • Travel to Japan & Philipines
  • Start searching for jobs in my new field, relocate if needed
  • Buy a house/condo


NML said...

I love this post. The quotes that you use for each post are brilliant and I love that baggagereclaim showed up in there. You are a very motivated and determind person and I have no doubt that you will acomplish everything that you want to. Congratulations Miss Deputy Editor x

Justice said...

And you don't have a drivers license because....???

Vixen said...

Long story Justice. Pretty much, I'm from Nigeria, where I didn't need one, and then I got here,finally got around to doing it and was driving around on learner's permits for the last 3 years. I've moved to different states each time and so I keep having to redo the test. Hopefully I'll stay in this state long enough to take the actual road test...that's all that's left, I swear!!

anny said...

this is strange. u sound a lot like someone i know, except that she's currently at loma linda. i know that area and i'm sure everything will work out great for you. :) best of luck.

Daydah said...

Looking up to you has always put me (back) on track everytime. Hope you are keeping to your schedule. God is with you to help you accomplish all you set out to do.