Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Eight skins

There used to be a time when i had a very very troubled face. I had to have eczema treatment and back home in naija the one that was avaliable was called noczema and so i used it until i came to the states and then it disappeared and before you know it i move to houston and there is something different and it isn't just on my face bu on my back. So yeah here we are and i'm going on and on about this stuff and it is like hmmm how about just taking care of yoru skin by staying away from crumming things.

Seven tablets

I need to start taking vitamins i don't know why i haven't been more proactive about it before but there is something healthy about them and so i am going to buy a bunch of vitamins and start taking them just so i can stay healthy. Is that the best thing that i can do for myself, who makes us believe that this is the way your life should go. I have to realize that it isn't just about pills it is also about exercise and eating right, breathing and eating.

Six sinks

I don't know what to dream about but right now i can't stop thinking about my bathroom. Huge tub, no not huge it is less about the size and more about the fact that it is deep enough so that when i try and take a bubble bath the water covers my whole body without spilling off the side of it and the walls are hmmmm i don't know what to say about the ways the sink have beautiful Delta faucets and i think i should be able to talk to my sink to say hot and cold warm water and it should respond.
do they have that yet.

Five hands

I had to take the gre a couple of years ago and so for anyone who is thinking of business school i have to tell you that when it comes to doing well to get into a good MBA program taking a good gmat prep course is like the first step that one needs to consider, it isn't just about math and english and books and words that work together is a sentence, it is about a ticking clock. so yeah do your research not only on MBA schools but also how to ace the gmat.

stay cool

Four bowls

for real hip hop clothing what is this world coming to  when you think of all the things that gets shoved down the throats of little children this must be the worse one seriously it just reeks and stinks of crap and yet here we are sitting chilling and hoping tat one day it all just magically disappears. I really don't know what to say and how to say it will change because there is no guarantee that it does but i hope that at one point it does and if not my children are moving to Antarctica.

Third step

I miss my car. Seriously i don't have any place to be or anything that actually needs to be done but still i miss my car, when you think about how much people spend on car insurance and how much they spend to get their tires fixed and the money for oil change you realize that owning a car is one of the most costly things that we own on a daily basis and we are not even in control of it.

Two steps

when you think about the places where do you need a barcode scanner there are many things that go wrong everyday and i have to admit that some of them are beyond my control but if we can just put a dollar amount on everything then maybe it will all be okay and maybe it will all be put into the perspective that it needs to be put in. that is the truth, the matter is not about who is in control or anything like that. it is about knowing how much it actually is worth

First one

I don't like shopping but if i did i think i would have to spend some time looking at shoebuy coupons because seriously when you consider how much money people spend on shoes that get stuck in mud, on spit and in puke and in all manner of nonsense on the floor you have to be amazed. When you put everything into the whole mix you have to believe that it all comes crashing to the ground. There is just so much that is going on.
I don't know

Friday, June 18, 2010


So today the FDA almost approved a female version of viagra. think about it viagra for old women, we have a problem with breast cancer and AIDS but oooh let us help the 63 year old grandma have an orgasm and so we spend all our time doing this. very very sad in other news there is a patch that gives women a  testosterone booster well it is more like smelling testosterone in order to turn them on and soo yeah very very freaky situation in general.

Friday, June 11, 2010

no more car

I don't have a car anymore so it seems like the best thing that i need to do is just walk and then maybe i will be able to lose weight quickly it is not like i am massively overweight no i'm not but still i am carless i sold it and now it is gone it really is so sad i think i have to go and cry now but the thing about it is that i really needed the cash so the sale was not the worst thing that could happen actually it was the best.

okay i think i am done

Wednesday, June 02, 2010


i have to admit that what is all comes down to at this point in life is peace.
think about it there are heads of state that are now widows because their wives' had low self esteem because of how much they weight, there are millionaires that are jealous of other millionaires there are doctors that are dying of cancel, there are children who are forcing themselves to become adults ahead of schedule who are forgetting that this life comes in stages, and so they are rushing it all in order to do what i don't know
anywayz please don't go to italy for weight issue check this out for quick weight loss tips

Sleep that elludes

okay so yeah
what is this all about when you think about the ups and downs and what you are about to do with your life the last question you have on your mind is sleep, you go to bed sit on your mattress and realize that sleep refuses to come most likely because there are all these things going wrong in your life and there is no end in sight and so you sit and wonder and pray and just sit there and hope that somewhere somehow you will be able to figure it out.
but what is you don't what if the truth continue to elludes you

for real
what if


There are alot of things in this world but i have no clue about there are alot of things in this life that i do have a clue about and that i would prefer not to have a clue about and then there are the things in this life that seem to drive me utterly insane because i still haven't figured them out. right now i am looking for peace, i don't want war, i don't want money, i just want to be left alone so please i ask you what is pronexin reviews do you think will help you solve these issues that exist

Hair loss

for real, do you have problems with your hair do you need a solution something that works fast, no i wish i could sit here and tell you that i have the magic answer but that will be a lie because i don't and i really don't know who can emphatically say that they have a hair loss cure that is sure to work but what i can tell you is that when life comes at you from all sides and your back is against the wall the last thing on your mind is that your hair is missing a few folicles

think about it



i have glasses and the best place for you to get discount prescription glasses is to go online. seriously all those places say that you should come to them and that you get a discount but that is not really true, they sell two for one but in actuality it isn't really that cheap online you can get a pair of glasses for 8 dollars plus 5 dollars flat shipping, of course it is not the bourgie frame that you see others have

so yeah think about it