Monday, August 29, 2011


The number of surgical technologist jobs in the U.S. is set to go up for sure. With the new healthcare law being rolled out slowly, more people are going to come into the system. If we assume that most of the newcomers did not have health insurance before, we can predict that a good share of them may have adverse medical conditions requiring surgical intervention.


I love good-looking trendy clothes. No doubt. However, some of the latest fashions are not rubbing me the right way, or should I say they are rubbing me too much. The first case in point, skinny jeans. I’m a shorts and t-shirt kinda guy so the idea of wearing skin-tight jeans is torture. Too restrictive, too much chafing. More power to those guys who can pull it off.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Speaking of ipad accessories, keyboards are actually available for them. The selection is wide with a choice between corded and wireless keyboards. We will definitely have to look into finding one for my friend’s dad with his onscreen keyboarding difficulties on his brand new ipad2. I also found there are a ton of other accessories for the ipad which is pretty cool.


My best friend’s 70-year old dad just purchased the new 64GB iPad2 complete with 3G and WiFi. Firstly, I don’t think he needs all the bells and whistles but we weren't there when he bought it to give him advice and he ended up spending $800! Secondly, this guy is cool but it’s painful watching him try to type onscreen. He needs a Tablet with Keyboard set up for sure.

Modern RVs

Is it possible to have an rv travel emergency? Outside of engine problems, nowadays I’m not sure what kind of serious emergencies one can have. I recently went camping in southern Indiana; I mean the real camping with tents and a wood fire. In the lot next to us was a huge RV with everything from a kitchen to satellite TV. I don’t think that’s real camping (laughing).

Comtemporary Furniture

I am a big fan of the new mixture of wood and metal building craze on the contemporary home building scene. To me it represents a molding together of two attitudes. Wood represents the peace and serenity of nature and metal represents sturdiness and security. It also doesn’t hurt that the two materials look great together. I hope I’ll be able to incorporate this theme into my home.