Wednesday, June 18, 2008

help i need

i am having a hard time budgeting and planning. this is weird because i am one of those people who likes to work out every single detail and i can tell you the balance on all my bank accoutns and credit cards and the minimum payments and the date that they are due but for some odd reason i am getting blindsided by those things which i have been looking forward to doing, hmmmm so yeah
do you any advice
and no this is not a bout of procrastination

In my head

things that get stuck in my head,
heads in a wine rack, for real every since watching that movie with John travolta and the guy from Wolverine whose name is hmmmmmmmmmmmmm what is his name again
i believe his name is Hugh Jackman well anywayz as i was saying every since i watched that show i expect to see a head of a person everytime that someone goes done to the wine cellar to get wine.

so yeah
what crazy movie thing has gotten stuck in your head

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

second chair

gone are the days when playing card games and hopscoctch in the yard were sufficeint ways of keeping the kids occupied, now it seems like i have to go on overdrive and entretain them in numerous ways, i guess what gets to me the most is that for all of my efforts the moment they get a playstation 3 all of that love goes out the window and i get relegated to second chair, now second chair to their future spouse is one thing but i got bumped for a game




What exactly can one become addicted to, what do you need to be detoxified from, i have this problem with starting a book at around 8 pm and then staying up all night, literally all night to finish it
does this mean that i need to be detoxified from David Baldacci thrillers? I also have this problem when it comes to listening to music at extremely high volumes, does this mean that i need to be detoxified of that also, anywayz Orovo detox might be what you need if you are addicted to this

Time passes by

About two years ago i signed up for one of those offers in which you are supposed to go on a trip to some place at some discount, now when i signed up for it it seemed like a wonderful idea, i believe i got 7 different things for about 250 dollars, i just didn't anticipate being broke for the next couple of months, i mean years, so yeah St. Thomas villa rentals now barely get a rise out of this broke out of work college student

Sunday, June 01, 2008

ROund two

Okay so yeah let us just say that being smart is sometimes detrimental to your own well being and happiness seriously the last two hours have been horrible first i thought that something was wrong then i had to go and then the more i nit pick BAM. I have to admit that not having a suit of armor anti viral program made it easy for the viruses to throw a party but still

but still


I want to scream

I am furious for real, i am actually beyond furious if i could scream right now i would but i can't so i won't okay what is my problem

It started with a trojan virus two weeks ago and now i can barely get it too start up ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo meanwhile my own trusty dusty deal is trudging up the slope at the slowest possible speed, mercy i need to scream. I was researching cruise deals and ending up clicking on a not soo clean site and that started the beginning of the end.

very sad
i will go and spend the next couple of hours at it is already 2 in the morning to fix this.