Tuesday, November 25, 2008


where are the moving companies?where are the smart people? under what hole are they sitting. I have been contemplating this whole Obama cabinet thing for a number of days and I am begining to ask myself where are all the smart people of the last 10 years. Do you really expect mii to believe that there are not any smart people from our generations that can turn Washington on its head, why do we have to bring all these Clinton era people back




When are you going to take that trip to Spain?When are you going to ask that lady out, when are you going to ditch the glasses for contact lenses, when are you going to visit your grandmother, learn how to paint, go bungy jumping, skydiving, parachuting, flamejumping and what other extreme sport am i missing, a ha when are going to blow fire?


cuz if not now



Why? some say Why not? I say Why? Why do you want to have kids, why do you want to spend the next 18 years paying homage to a being that will dump you and go to Cancun to see naked boobies when that times comes? Why. Why do you want to deal with diaper, diaper gravy, yes diaper gravy, that will forever change the way you eat thanksgiving dinner now won't it. What else am i missing oh yes special sheets, baby bedding and the list goes on


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Winter comes

I have no idea what the best fat burners are. I would like to think the safest way to go is by working your butt off on the treadmill but then popping pills is easier and less dirty and less stressful but then you could end up with cancer of the stomach lining in 25 years so hmmm. So yeah as autumn falls to winter and we start wearing sweaters and baggy clothing don't forget to visit the gym occasionally.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Here is something that the neon lights and showgirls don't tell you, las vegas nv is one prayer away from bankruptcy. 46 percent of the houses are one payment away from foreclosure, can you even imagine that, if people lost their jobs half of the city would be kicked out. The whole idea of vegas is to have fun and enjoy the night but what happens when you wake up in the morning without a job or a home. so i guess this is a reality check to mii and those who mgiht be jealous of those in vegas.

All that glitters is about to be foreclosed.

A year and counting

This time last year i was misearable in california, i was crashing with my uncle and not a day wnet by that i did not consider screaming from the top of my fave. mountains. Now as i look back at the experience the Plum trees in the backyard, granola in the morning, driving on empty, dealing with kids, and grown up kids and tantrums i would like to say it was worth it but i can't. even after a year, i can't do that.

Promise of fun

About three years ago i was suckered in by the promise of fun to buy one of those vacation packages thingys and i did. That was three years ago, it was Disney vacations package and i still haven't been to florida yet. I am thinking and wondering to myself what is it exactly about the promise of fun and dreams that allows us to cast caution to the side and jump on these bandwagons