Tuesday, November 25, 2008


where are the moving companies?where are the smart people? under what hole are they sitting. I have been contemplating this whole Obama cabinet thing for a number of days and I am begining to ask myself where are all the smart people of the last 10 years. Do you really expect mii to believe that there are not any smart people from our generations that can turn Washington on its head, why do we have to bring all these Clinton era people back




Yemanja said...

I suppose he is trying to mend fences and quell (some) people's apprehension by choosing all these Clinton people. They are good choices, but the only one I think was the BEST choice for their respective position was Rahm Emanuel. The others: he could have found someone fresh and new to do the job. I really don't understand keeping the defense secretary in place.

Daydah said...

I am sure he'll flush them out in his second term ;)