Sunday, June 26, 2011


count to ten
and then try and count backwards from 9
i don't know if that is a good idea,
i am stuck reading and thinking about things in the Victorian age and i just wonder sometimes how it all goes and what people wore back than, and what they did and who they associated with based on some real or norm, right now i'm thinkiing about parish clothing, and what it took to be a pastor back in the day in England.
weird but yeah that is what is on my mind

Our house, your hands

wow i dream about my house not because i care but because of you and your love for details, i imagine us decorating, wait let mii come again, i imagine you decorating and mii sitting down next to you doing nothing other that watching the way that your hands move, i think you will be a great handy man dealing with the problems that might arise in the house, in the bathroom, dealing with a undermount sink leakage and i'm sure with your patience u will be okay

My kids

i have to admit that there are some things in life that i will not spend money on. i will buy a good car, go see the denist, spend money on a good movie every now and then but i will not and i'm serious about this spend money on playground equipment for my children, i grew up old school where u climbed trees and chased after chickens why should my children be treated any different, why do i need to purchase equipment for them to play on. the idea is so ridiculous to mii right now.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


What is the truth? The truth is that people are dying everyday and there is little that we can do about it, that is the truth, it is cold, it is hard and it is definitely ugly. some people think that they can just throw words at the problem but that doesn't work, others think that they can throw policy like Medicare part D plans about and expect results but that is not also true. The truth is that in order to fix this we will have to give more of what we deem to be ours.

That is the cold, ugly truth.

Think about it 2

So here is the truth, what really do you expect someone to do when the going gets tough. I think about tiger woods and what is going on with his situation and a part of mii feels sad for him because you have to admit that there are limitations in what he can do now that his marriage is basically done and his kicking the ball with a stick isn't going so well so now i'm thinking he needs to reconsider a lot including gps and golf  did his wife find out about his infidelity through tracking technology or was it the kicking of the ball.

FIrst one

I have to admit that it has been awhile, the truth is that there is so much going on in the world right now so sitting down and trying to use or not use things is hard. I miss the days when all we did was clip sears coupons and go shopping in the mall. You would search in the racks and get a good dress for around 20 bucks and then get 10 off with the coupon. I miss those days. Right now, you have to strategize and plan and wonder and think about how to do the things that need to be done

So yeah, i'm here.