Sunday, August 31, 2008


i don't really know how to get rid of acne. I mean from time to time i try a product, like i think there was this time that i was a fan of clean and clear and for about 4 months i used it but it became routine and i never really knew if it did the job, then i went the Aveeno route and i can't beyond a shadow of a doubt tell you that one is better than the other because i never really do the before and after shot.

In walmart

do you realize that is it sometime cheaper to buy stuff for the house and use it for office furniture I am trying to find something to eat in walmart and the result of my labor was basically nothing, the more i looked the more frustrated i got so i switched aisles and ending up in the section that has to do with house supplies and i perused the area and then walked a bit more until i ended up at school and office suplies and let us just say that it is cheaper to go the housing route.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

moving sucks

i wish i had money to pay someone to move for mii
seriously moving sucks it took mii forever and a day to pack two suitcases, i mean it was supposed to come to a total of 100 pounds but eventually i just gave up and packed the whole lot of it and said what the hell, so yeah i can only imagine if i was moving a whole house, i will be one of those uber rich people who using their money only to employ various moving services to transport and be in charge of the whole process and this includes packing the boxes

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Besides trying to sell the the latest acne treatment what has Hayden, the cheerleader girl from Heroes been up to lately. Does anybody know? I was exercising in the gym and it seemed like she was trying to sell a different product that netrogena and i was just paused on the eclipptical machine and thought to myself WHAT is she up to????

Side effects

so yeah what is it about electronics that hold such appeal nowadays, I am babysitting some kids this week and the 18 month year old is fascinated by the computer and the five year old is determined how to teach mii to use the TV and DVD player. I mean what happen to the days of sandboxes and toys without batteries and stuffed animals. Is there a way to reverse it, or is this just one of the side effects of our "progress"

Gift ideas

What do you buy a fifteen year old boy for a gift nowadays, I mean besides a xbox 360 , video games, playstation 3 or psp. what do you give them that isn't powered by battery or electricity. Is there anything that will catch their interest, I was reading this book that says with each new technological advance the devil smiles because we deften our ears a lil bit more to the voice of the Spirit.



When you think of how far we have come as a people (by people i mean the whole human kingdom versus the rest of the animals) how do you view our progress? As a female does it differ than how a man would view our accomplishments, for instance think about the whole Hillary and Obama issue does a white male get the same satisfaction if one of them ends up President, isn't that sort of a diss on the white male that we think women and minority are an accomplishment a step up over the last couple of years???

i don't know
how about the whole women movement of burning bras and corsets in the 70s?

so yeah how can we guage our progress

600th post

Yeah this is the 600 post on this blog, of course i have been the one doing all the work lately but who cares right. So i want to go to Alaska, for celebration of this milestone, i want to go to Alaska and see the animals and the icebergs and bears and mountains, of course it is already too late for this season so maybe i will have to wait till next year july but the question is do i need a passport?


i am not entirely sure how the whole working for a hospital works. I mean a couple of months ago my sister was sick and i had to stay with here there at the hospital and i didn't have any clothes to wear so i took a pair of her scrubs (my sister is a nurse) and wore it and by the end of the week people were asking mii for directions because they thought I was a NURSE, so yeah the whole medical id needs to be upgraded because scrubs are a dollar a dozen.