Monday, December 31, 2007

Holiday Indulgence

During this holiday season that has once again passed us by we are sometimes left with a feeling of selfiness, after opening all the presents and eating all the cake a void remains because of the indulgent nature of the holiday so yeah holiday is over but then after this comes the taxes. So check this out if you are in the giving mood. There is a non-profit company called Car Angel, that donate car and other items. They use cars and other donations to make videos for kids and teens and they are giving away tones of videos so if you are in the giving mood, check this out and i'm sure u will not regret it.


There are similiarities in the woes of various professionals. By this I am talking about the effect the job has on the children of certain professionals. For instance a pastor and a doctor get paid different wages LARGELY different wages but their kids suffer the same absentee parent syndrome and then one can also compare army brats to pastor's kids again when it comes to military relocation but then maybe I am just trying to say that being a PK is harder than any other role.

Happy new Year.

Monday, December 24, 2007


I've been taking a hiatus of sorts from this blog, and my sis Kafo has been doing her thing keeping it up and popping. I think I over extended myself in the last few months and eventually something's gotta give. At least this time it's not my health. It's just my blogging time!

Best wishes of the season to everyone! This Christmas I'm spending it spreading good cheer to the folks that have the misfortune of being sick during the holidays. Having been there myself a whole bunch of times, I know the feeling so I'll be working and cheering everyone up.

Hope you all are doing great. Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Festivus or whatever it is that you celebrate. See you all in 2008!


Friday, December 21, 2007


I need to be paid for the referral business that I have been doing. I have gotten ALL of my three sisters to come over to the dark side and join the Verizon Wireless network. Yes WE ARE NOW FINALLY ALL IN and two weeks ago I got two of my friends to buy air mattresses instead of going the bed route. i am soo on a roll, I mean one of the them was thinking of even investing in the expensive memory foam mattress.

My persuasion skills are off the chain.

Weird things

My sister needs to have blinds that have shades THICK black shades in order to sleep during the day. My other sister has car covers so that she doesn't have to clean off the snow every day that it falls. My other sister, yeah yeah yeah I know i have a lot of sisters turns off the engine when she in traffic so that she saves gas. and mii what do i do that some people might consider abnormal that i believe saves mii money. I buy stuff and then return them and then buy them again and then return them and then finally buy them.

Don't ask

Talking and failing

Running a lil' bit behind schedule seems to be my latest MO. Not being able to satisfy everyone needs seems to be plagueing mii. Constantly trying and constantly falling at staying happy seems to be hounding mii. So today as I sit I wonder why people who obviously have drug problems refuse drug treatment. I mean I know I have a problem when it comes to talking and I am seeking help.

For instance
I'm going to stop talking


I walked into my church today and realized that something was different. They were having a program for the younger youth of the church and i took some time off from the ultra constantly hyper kids to just chill. So anyways sha i am down stairs for a while and i realize that something is different and then it dawned on mii that it was the wall art. My church has been upgraded it walls by putting Monet paintings on them.

So is Monet cool for church???

Fashion Sucks

Platform shoes are back. Big waist belts are in and skinny jeans are filling the streets. Here in my problem with the latest trend that is sweeping the runway. WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US BEFORE. Seriously, I mean if I knew 30 years ago before I was born that platforms were going to make a comeback I would have kept all my mom's shoes instead of tossing them.

So yeah I'm a lil' ticked off

Big words

It is one thing to act cool by using big words but how about spouting medical termilogies that you are unfamiliar with in an attempt to sound cool. What about intentionally learning and memorizing words like mesothelioma treatment and licodine and 30ccs of cholorphynical in an attempt to impress a chick.

Does that make you smart or uber stupid?

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Okay so now I am thinking about going to Oregon because I just got a bed and breakfast gift certificate which I can use at any location so I am looking at Oregon because it is soo beautiful. But anyway the weather there is very very cold so i'm might just think about going to Northern California.

O but then maybe Jersey will be a good spot cuz i also have a sister there
but yeah
i'm not sure
okay bye

But that is all for now


Sunday, December 09, 2007

Canon baby

I love my Canon digital camera, I know that this is the time that most people go shopping so if you are looking for a perfect gift and you have 200 bucks to spare please check out the Canon SD1000. It is sleek and compact and takes wonderful pictures. At 7.2 mega pixels it is a bargin and you even get beautiful pictures at night. It comes with a lithium battery and a charger.

Vegas baby

I've decided to get married in Vegas. Right now I am looking for discount hotels Las Vegas on the Strip so that we can spend all the money we did NOT spend on flowers, wedding dress, tux rental, hall fees, food for a thousand, invitations to friends you haven't spoken to in years, a website that is visited by your enemies and a host of other stuff I don't care about. Did I mention that there will also be NO kids, yes, no kids no flower girls that are cute but spend the entire service fussing, no minister that acts like he knows you.

So yeah,

Now all I have to do is find a groom.



I miss Southern Cali, I miss my gym and my elliptical machine, I miss my cycling class, I miss the mountains around my house. I miss my church, I mss my girls. But I realize just recently that I do not miss you or the incessant chatter that dominates your home, I do not miss the tears or the rage that comes with surrendering to your will. I do not miss the platitudes and words of comfort spoken with sighs of self righteousness.

Basically I don't miss SoCal.


I was having dinner with a friend from college and realized that I suck at english, words like quoizel lighting mean absolutely nothing to me and I spent about 15 minutes agruing about whether or not fool and full were homophones or is it homonyms. I just tried to spell executor and I came up with exiquitor. So on days like this when words escape and englihsh dosen't maek ayn snese I jsut sya.



So Creflo Dollar is taking on Capitol Hill, the Hill is requiring 5 of the more prosperous christian evangelist to submit papers to verify their earnings and stuff like that and Creflo is balking, now normally the church is exempt from all the trimmings and audits that come along with paying taxes but when people like Joyce M. have toilet seat cover that cost over 20 thousand dollars questions start being asked. Then there is silver cufflinks that cost more than my rent that some people are getting. Pastors getting Bentleys as donations.


ring them alll up.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


In Psalms 90, David asks God to help him to cherish and appreciate his days and I wonder if I really want God to do that for me now. In 2007, do I really want to know how much my day could be worth, do i want to appreciate and use each minute wisely or do I want the chance to squander it away on watching episodes of Heroes and Private Practice.

I wonder about knowing the day of my death, will I have an extravagant burial policy and require the executor of my will to spread my cremated ashes from the top of Everest.

I wonder.


San Francisco is a mad city - inhabited for the most part by perfectly insane people whose women are of a remarkable beauty. ~ Rudyard Kipling

It's been a while since I updated on here and pretty much, it's been crazy hectic with my move to Oregon. While blogsurfing I came across this blog...some guy who wrote an ode to San Francisco.

blagg blogg: The Coolest Winter I Ever Spent...

I've spent the last few days moving, driving upstate, unpacking the UHAUL and pretty much saying goodbye to my friends and favorite haunts; however I didn't say it quite as well as he did. Here is my attempt to bid adieu to the wonderful city that exhilirated me, taught me so much and gave me so much.

Monday, December 03, 2007

I hate computers, I do

I am a computer engineer who has a hard time with computers. Yes, yes, yes, I know that it doesn't make sense but setting up a network is a tedious task that I avoid, people assume that because you have a degree in it that you know ever aspect but i'm a software gal and all those cables confuse mii, mercy! setting up my tv and dvd set is hard enough and then I have the color coordination stuff.

So yeah, please stop asking me to fix your computers oooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Internet addict profitablity???

So i'm looking for an online job. I realized sometime in the last couple of days that I spend an inordinate amount of time doing nothing on the internet. Last friday, for instance, I spent 4 hours trying to write a blog post but in actuality I watched and listened to songs by Sandi Patty, Guy Penrod, David Phelps and the rest of my homecoming friends over and over again. So yeah, if I actually have something constructive to do on the web then I could justify the youtube hours. I have been looking into those survey sites which need people to right reviews for the numerous market research projects that they are involved in.

So yeah

wish mii luck

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Southern beauty and grace

Southern graces. How are the beauty queens from 'Bama different from those around the rest of the country. Does having a southern drawl automatically mean that you will treat others with respect and all that jazz. I sometimes wonder if the great southern belles of the past were really that nice and all that. A charlotte cosmetic dentist says that a southern smile is worth a thousand words, i wonder, i really do wonder.