Thursday, January 28, 2010


wow it has been awhile i got a new laptop about 2 years ago almost and if you told mii that i would be needing to upgrade right now i would have told you that you were doing some heavy drugs, it seems that things are rapidly increasing and technology is not being left behind, apple just dropped the iPad and frankly i'm not yet sold on the whole touch screen idea but it does have merit and so as i type and wonder how this will eventually implode i think of 2012 and just wonder.

What i do

what do you do when there is a travel emergency, like a last minute situation in which you have to bail on everyone and all your plans and just go all out and pick up and leave. frankly i have never been in such a situation so i can't really tell you want i would do but what i do know is that when things get a helter skelter i mentally retreat to a place where everything is okay aka my brain, now if you know mii you know that my brain is the not the best place to be when things go the way i don't want them to go .

Friday, January 15, 2010

Do the time

This is an oxymoron quick weight loss seriously think about it, if you really want something to work do you think you can rush it do you think you can get rid of it just by a force of nature and willing it away. i am sorry, it doesn't work that way so stop letting them lie to you and just do the time for the crime of the fat that you have allowed to accumulate on your body.
do the time


I don't know if you are blessed when it comes to looks or if you are stuck with pubescent acne issues if so you should check out this website at because they offer you free information that can help you in overcoming and transforming your pimpelized face to a smooth one. Do i know for a fact that they can do this, no but when something is not for profit it helps to check them out before you go and spend money on for profit sites.

Beware of dreams

This is the devil. For real. stay away from anyone that offers you some slimquick extreme because that is all it is extreme danger wrapped in a size 2 model on the internet, what they don't tell you is that it rots your intestines and screws the way your body normally digests stuff. do i know this for a fact. NO OF COURSE NOT but anything that promises something that is too good to be true should come with a warning label.

Inforatmion is key

I am about to start exercising, i am about to start taking things a lil' bit more serious when it comes to the whole exercise thingy. for instance, let's start with your body and the way it operates do you know that if you stretch before you exercise you can avoid having to using joint supplement when you are older? Knowledge is power so please get on the information wagon and learn about you

Ages comes by

The days add up and before you know it weeks have passed and then years and you realize that you have wrinkles on your face and deep creases around your eyes that signify that you are getting up there one thing to do to help with this transition phase is to use collagen face cream to help smooth over the lines and help your face adjust, please skip the botox


Sleeping is a blessing

I am one of those blessed people on the planet. i am one of those people that when i want to sleep i sleep. end of story nothing deep or complicated. i just close my eyes and fall asleep but if you are not that lucky then maybe you should try and decide what is the best sleep aid before you get to the pharmacy i think the problem is that people go to the pharmacy and then decide and make rash decisions

not good


i need to take a more proactive approach to this whole job search thingy, for real when you think about the fact that the economy is in a lump and that i have a limited set of skills it makes you want to take things a lil' bit more seriously.
so yeah that is what i am thinking of doing
taking this a bit more seriously
so wish mii luck
i need to dedicate one day to do it for about 2 hours each
for three places, US, Canada, and South

Other florida options

the first thing that comes to mind when i think about Florida is the oranges but now that they had all that crappy weather about 2 weeks ago i don't know about next season oranges, so instead of florida oranges why don't we focus on orlando villas, when you think about the weather it would make sense to invest in this and then charge exorbitant prices for people to stay in it for a week.

Moving cross country

I am thinking of california, seriously, i am thinking that is were i need to be but then again when you think about their prospensity for natural disaster i think going to Colorado is a better bet so i'm thinking of moving to Colorado but if i do that then i will need to hire one of those cross country moving companies to help mii move all my stuff because i don't know if i want to have a u-haul attached to my tiny corolla

Monday, January 04, 2010

New decade new motives

for real.
at what point do you get a life insurance policy do you get it when you get a good paying job or after u get married or when you find out you are having twins. i am trying to think about it and i don't know what or how people decide these things. so when the new year starts and the new decade begins i am wondering about the motives and the motivations
is there a difference between motives and motivations?
or do they mean the same thing

that is the question