Tuesday, December 22, 2009


i need to get heated mattress pads before my throat explodes.
i have been in INdy for about a week now and each morning i wake up in pain because my throat is beyond dry and each morning i am still cold so yeah maybe i should sleep in the furnace or just buy mattress pads that are heated to keep myself warm and alive until i return to houston in three weeks.

i don't know
i will think about it
and let u know of my final decision

hmmm things that make no sense

it seems that when i was coming home i decided to bring all the things i did not need and instead leave at home all the things i did need. for instance, shoes why did i not bring any shoes i brought two pairs of boots and that was it but i didn't bring shoes why in the world did i do that. it is like someone who gets in their car to go to the grocery store and leaves their driver's license and bank card at home but brings travel medical insurance

i can scream at mii right now.

Online and offline

I am old. How do i know I am old? I am old because traditional education no longer holds an appeal. I really don't care at all about sitting in a classroom and living in dorms, in another life like say 10 years ago it might have been appealing but now it is just terrifying. I find myself smiling more at programs geared towards the individual that allow the student to set their own pace. It is because of all this that i am sitting in front of my computer browsing for an online university. This university is an effort by 19 governors from the Northwestern part of the US to provide affordable education for working adults with rigid schedules. The WGU has online degree programs in a variety of fields and it also has a flat rate that serves those who are more aggressive well.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Recession vacationing

Please for real, what in the world has this place come to. when it comes to going places and doing things why in the world would i go all out and get one of those time share thingys like a destin vacation rentals why would i do that in this year of recession and bankruptcy and foreclosure and all that drama why would i sign up for a time share but i did i mentally did i mentally planned a vacation in a recession


For real a billion ways to light your popp

How in the world does one understand what to do with decorating a house. Can you make a house a home by decorating it? I wonder, so i am flipping through one of those book thingys that has to do with interior design and there are close to a billion options for bathroom lighting seriously okay maybe a billion is an exaggeration but still how many ways can you light your bathroom. how many different ways can u make sure people can see the toilet paper.