Friday, July 03, 2009

Hmmm more on weight

What is the best weight loss supplement out on the market right now? Is there one thing htat people are taking in your neighbourhoods that seem to be the way to go for people who are starving themselves but still need to get their daily nutrients, if you know of anything that has helpled you in the past while you were trying to lose weight please share it will with the genenral public. now i must admit that i am against this form of dealing with weight issues but still having information and making an informed decision is critical to the way we operate.

micheal and drugs

So Micheal Jackson is deadna dit seems that he might have just killed himself with the stuff that he took to go to bed. it is wierd how this all works, there are people who are dying because they don't have food and there are people who are taking pills to get rid o the food that they do have in there system. we have heard it time and time again, diet pills are killing people and it is just the beginning of all the stuff that people take that is detrimental but i will spare you the whole story.
i will


so i am in texas and i really really want to see horses and cowboys and ranches and sprawling places with cattle but instead i see buildiings and more buildings, now i have been in texas for a while now so all of this shouldn't suprise mii but for some reason i really want to see the texas of old. so i am going to buy horse supplies and buy a rop and go the whole rodeo route and get a piece of land just so i can recreate this part that i really thought existed.

so yeah that is what i am doing now