Monday, July 21, 2008

my sink

Hmmmm after i get my sink i am dreaming of the whole works, home theater seating and surround sound just for those lazy saturdays when all i want to do is curl up and watch the trilogy all thirteen hours of it from beginning to end and start all over again. pictures and songs, words and tears, of course this is all part of the dream

this dream

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Buyers market yeah right

Is this the best time to buy a home, i am not entirely sure but i decided to call a couple of mortgage lenders to see how low they would go and it seems like even tho it is a buyers market banks are being a little choosy when it comes to lending money to people. It seems that they have learned from the recent collapse and are now making people jump thru more hopps.

Friday, July 11, 2008


what is the best way to lose weight? Is there a best way, i mean weight sucks, okay maybe i should start all over again. We suck, our food saturated society has spoilt us, seriously we have to now pay money to lose weight. let mii see if i get this right, people are starving, yeah like serriously starving and it's not just the continent of Africa. People on this planet are starving yet the latest diet pills are being heralded by the loudest voice.

People are starving and we are buying videos to lose weight.

i can't go on but hopefully u get the point

Airliners suck

i have to travel, or should i say i have to return to my port of entry or do i call it my port of misery. Let's try this again i have to go back to school and i am a bit livid, my anger has nothing to do with school or how short summer is, no i am furious at the airlines that have reduced the number of bags i can take with mii

sad very sad, i know that i might need a Johnston and Murphy suitcase but still i can only take two of them, no i can only take one of them.

very sad

Amnesia or old age

So yeah i have an Ipod and i know what MP3 players are but i have no idea that there was MP4 players until about a month ago. I am trying to remember the days where CDs were a luxury and an record was that round pizza looking thing that you didn't want to get scratched. I am trying to remember the days of casette tapes and video tapes but i am can't. Does this mean that i am getting old???

Vacation from vacation

i need a vacation
i am technically on vacation but i feel like i need a vacation away from my vacation. Does that make any sense. Anywayz so i get online and i am looking at places to go and i came across Hilton Head rentals, you would be suprised on how easy it is to spend 5 thousand dollars that you don't have. So yeah, i need ideas cuz i really need a vacation from my vacation

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


mercy i am tired. okay maybe i should rephrase i used to be tired, now i am recovering from being tired. STOP. PAUSE. Okay so here is the story basically i have spent the last month acquainting myself with the inside of cardboard boxes, seriously, one might think that there is nothing to learn about life from boxes but that is false there is a whole lot that can be gleamed from them.

Friday, July 04, 2008

saving calls

I need a cell phone repeater, i really think i need something that records all my cell phone conversations. Seriously, i have some conversations that i just want to save and i don't actually i can't and so for this reason i think i need a cell phone recorder that records all my conversation. but then again there are some things that i say that shouldn't be remembered

so yeah


Hmmm suprises

So they pulled a thing on me. I am the leader and the originator of all the suprises that work, I really do. Honestly, so here is the word my mother landed in the United States of America today and i did not know, they kept it a secret from mii for the last 3 weeks. THREE WEEKS, how could i not see the signs, anyways right now my sister is working on the bathroom lighting in order to spruce up the place for my mom