Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Living your life eeh ahh

I need to get away and go to a place where there are no bills and there is no internet i have been looking at Branson Missouri vacation packages and the whole thing right now that i am trying to convince myself is that i can find a way to make a little bit of heaven here right now instead of getting on a plane for about a week to do it.

i don't know
what do you think
Here is one thing i realize is that you don't need to go to Florida, or to Hawaii or to china or to the Caribbean you just need to have a moment of peace and then with that moment of peace comes clarity and hopefully with clarity comes a double dose of perspective that allows you to make good decisions. 

Real life

Okay so what is going on. Is the future Amazon books or is that the past is the future online books that you are read or is it that the whole road is going to hell in a basket and we have front row tickets to it. But yeah so i used to buy books at the bookstore and now we have this thing called Kindle and what does kindle do it sends a book to your hand held device so you don't need the picture.

What is a book without pages
without the paper

i don't know oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Back Up Plan

What is the big conspiracy? The big conspiracy is that your job cares about you but at the same time they have a back up plan just in case something happens to you. Seriously they care about you but then they also have the sense or should I say the evilness to take out a term life insurance plan out on you just in case something where to happen to you and you were to die. So yeah they will go and say hi to your family and say they are sorry you died but then they will make a profit off of you.

so sad
but such is life