Thursday, March 26, 2009


my friend decided to cell the tv mount he had bought for his flat screen and ended up making more money on it than he originally spent. this got mii thinking about what items appreciate and what items depreciate, what exactly becomes more valuable and what just goes down the drain as time goes by, i am a toyota fan and i heard that it deprecates very fast that makes mii sad but this is just the rambling of a mind.

cheap life insurance

hmmm i know i am addicted to this word but yeah why in the world will i want to get cheap term life insurance for real i mean if i am going to die don't i want to go out in style why in the world do i want those who get left behind to gget a cheap version of mii to remember okay maybe there are not saying that my life is cheap but this phrase makes mii miserable because it makes mii think that my lifeis cheap and that i am trying to insure it even tho' it is cheap


HMMMM sexy lingerie what does this conjure in your mind, when you hear these words want feelings do you feel what do you think about the whole situation, i don't know. but for mii it is buckets of illcitness upon more buckets of illiciteness and the rain just keeps on powering, the funny thing is that when i think about the whole victoria secret lingerie all i think is MALL


i want to go and stay at a San Diego CA hotel something in the winter, just to see the waves during winter, to watch them crest against the shore and know that there is nothing that i can do to stop them from moving, north to south and south to north, i want to walk on the sandy beaches and feel the chill all the way to my bone, i want to bask in it and remember that it is FREEZING OUTSIDE AND THAT THIS IS JUST A DREAM

free hotel

I want a free hotel stay for real i want someone to just call mii and say no strings attach go to this place and you will have a free stay at a hotel and all you have to do is show up i really wish this happens, why because i want to do something totally out of this world and it requires being in a place that does not belong to mii, so yeah if u know of any place where i can do this, please let mii know and we will pursue it.

Hmmm cancer

what is the strongest diet pill , how in the world am i suppose to know, i mean what kind of question is this, how do you define strong, is it by the number of pounds you lose and how fast you lose them or is it the amount of water weight that disappears, maybe it is suppose to measure the amount of weight that you actually keep off for 3 consective months, or maybe it is the one you get addicted to the fastest

why don't we say that the strongest diet pill is the one that increase your risk of every kind of cancer by at least 1

wait don't they all

i'm thinking

i'm thinking of taking a trip, of getting in the car and just driving, i'm thinking that this trip will take mii to places i have yet to be, i am thinking it will not only include sites and foods, but doors and fans. Doors made from wood hewn from lebanon cedars with industrial knobs to top off the contrast, i'm thinking this trip will not only expose the world to mii but expose mii to the world and more importantly mii to mii

Thursday, March 19, 2009

my watches

I have four watches and none of them are bourgie watches they are just regular watches that keep time. if someone were to ask mii about them i would say i have a square watch that has a very tiny delicate strap, it was a graduation present from a group of friends 5 years ago, i also have my oldest watch that dates back to 2002 which glows in the dark when you press a button, the next one is gold plated and shiny and doesn't always work it was given to mii by my sister mother in law two labor days ago in 2007 and the most recent one is courtesy of my kid sister's trip to new york china town in december of 2008. so yeah i don't have Audemars Piguet watch but mine have stories

Sunday, March 08, 2009

i'm an naija

i don't know if i am allegric or if i need to go and look at a bunch of dehumidifiers or what. i am nigerian i can't be allegric so maybe i just need to go shopping. hmmmm so yeah i wake up and my eyes are glued shut with gunk it is really freaky i don't understand the phenomenon i am a human and yet my body or should i say my eyes are determined to not do what i tell them to do. it is very sad
but yeah
God is good cuz i can still see and breathe