Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Blessed part 6

So after tthe whole thanksgiving dinner, and black friday i had to spend the following night working on setting up the stand, have you ever really sat down and contemplated how many tv stands here are out there in the world? Don't. I spent the evening trying to set one up and after setting it up realized that the one we had was not the one for the TV. So yeah I'm blessed because i am one of the few people on the planet who did not decide to smash the TV in my rage.

Blessed part 5

Hmmmmm. engagement rings. i'm driving on 610 trying to keep things together when i see this building with a sign that says Worlds Largest Engagement Ring shop and even those I was late for my appoinment I paused for a second and thought seriously can this be the worlds largest engagement shop and if so why does it need to be a different shop than for the wedding rings. Then i was like. Stop. Pause. I really don't care engagement rings, wedding rings, birthday rings i don't care i know i'm loved so yeah i'm blessed.

Blessed part 4

I have ever thought about body acne treatments, seriously, some of us think that we have it bad but have you ever imagined having acne all over your body, not just on your face. I have ever thought about that and having to deal with putting acne treatments not only on your face but on your back and legs and .....

So yeah i'm blessed you are blessed because most of us don't have to deal with this stuff everywhere everyday.

Blessed part 3

Na wa ooo and the list continues u will be suprised on the amount oof energy needed to keep your house warm, in this day and age of supercharger for batteries for ipods and cameras and laptop batteries and the list goes on and on. So yeah sometime in the next couple of days as you watch the lights on the tree remember that energy is money and that the environmentalist won't be happy with you.

LOL yeah that works for setting the christmas spirit

Blessed part 2

I am spoilt and I am blessed. Seriously. I was watching the news today and they were talking about 27 diet drugs that the FDA is telling people not to use because they have chemicals in them and i sat there trying to remember the last time i used a pill for anything and i couldn't I haven't had a cold in like 5 months and before that i think my last cold was in January. so yeah i am blessed, cerebral palsy, multiple sceloris, diabeters, cancer, HIV, hepatitis and the list goes on. i am blessed cuz i have none of this, mercy no one in my family has any of this.

Blessed part 1

My sister has the luck of the non-Irish when it comes to flying she is either delayed or her luggage gets left behind or her flight is cancelled or her baggages gets lost and the list continues but for mii it is different. I am blessed, it doesn't matter how late i get to the airport i always get on my flight and my stuff always arrives on time, and in the rare case that it doesn't they the airline compensate mii.

I am blessed

Monday, December 15, 2008

Teen talk

What do you think of performance parts, ti mean drugs here are millions of pills that are being pushed daily in middle schools. I am talking to my cousin who is like 14 and he is updating mii on all the various drugs that he could get for 10 bucks and i was stunned speechless so yeah talk to your teen about life not about drugs or alcohol or sex but about life and pray that one day they will respond in kind


Lipovox hmmm do you want to guess what it means? I don't, right now I am content to know nothing and do nothing about anything i am totally fine in just being here and doing nothing because for the last couple of weeks like about fifteen i have been consumed with various somethings that were actually nothing so the idea and the opportunity to do nothing and think about nothing is too wonderful to pass up

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I am all teched out. If there was ever a problem with losing electricity forever and ever, I don't think I'd know what to do with myself. My techny-ness didn't used to be so bad until I started living with a guy that spends hours researching and latest electronic gizmo to get himself. Suddenly having him get all kinds of packages every week in the mail made me quite envious.

I'm not a sporadic techie...I could be but I pride myself on doing research. Usually when the specs boggle my mind I call on my darling lil sis...who knows the best specs for my personality and she does wonders filling in the blanks.

For instance, last week, I got my new laptop, a Gateway HDMI Gaming laptop, duo core. The specs are too beautiful to even rhapsodize about, but the laptop sells on the open market for $1200...I got it from craigslist for a steal of $700.

I have my Sony Cybershot 8mp camera, a new mp3 player (not an Ipod...thank God!) and still there are more things on my list.

The techie-ness doesn't stop with little purchases either...I just got a car a couple months ago..the new Mazda 6...2009 version. Yes, I'm very materialistic, I know. But I'm kinda going overboard because I've been poor, broke, vulnerable and disenfranchised for way too long. Now I have the blessings of being able to work for my money, and achieve my every technological desire.

I promise that in 2009, I'll have cured myself of this extravagent trait. I mean by then I should have my iPhone or Blackberry, and there is nothing more to get. I have the best equipment out there.

Yees, I am feeling myself waaaaaay too much. I know. I'll stop now. Feel free to throw stones.

Sunday, December 07, 2008


Hey so yeah this is it. smile, take a picture. Lights and stars, christmas lighting to a whole new level. I really don't understand the way our next door neighbours expect anybody to not get blinded by their lights. I really wonder. i do.

but yeah so that is the story and here i am wondering about the electricity bill of the community.
i'm rambling