Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Nonsense banks

I hate the fact that in order to save my money i have to pay money. Seriously all of these savings account and checking accounts that cost money doesn't make sense. Maintenance fee, do i really need to pay you to MAINTAIN MY money, i could maintain it by myself for free. So yeah i am leaving bank of america because they are charging mii for my money. NONSENSE


Bungee Jumping sounds like something cool to do but what happens when the rope doesn't do what you want it to do, your head hits the cement, no your head doesn't hit the cement because it is usually done over water your head hits the water and the sharks in the water bite off your head and then you are headless. So yeah you just might need air tools for Parachuting because this might be safer air tools

I don't get it

I am in grad. school, my friend who is also in grad. school at the University of Notredame wants to open a bakery, now this doesn't sound so crazy right. I mean for all you know he is a culinary major or hotel administration major but NOOOOOOOOOO my friend J is working on his Masters in Computer Science, so yeah I don't understand how a bakery and hard drives coexist in his brain but they do, it is like mii researching wine clubs for a winery that i want to buy after i graduate.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


How do you define a bed, seriously for the last week i have slept on multi surfaces and i mean that it the most kosher and non sexual way possible. anywayz i am beginning to believe and might have convinced myself on wednesday night that a flat surface is better than a lazy boy chair but then my second attempt on the car change the way i appreciate and view adjustable beds.

So yeah be friendly to the chairs

Summer Time

So summer starts in approximately 30 days. What does this mean, basically it means that everytime you turn on the TV now you are going to be subjected to more diet routines and pills but if you want the list of best diet pills you might want to check out consumer reports cause some of them promise a lot and end of giving you cancer of the toe nail

Monday, May 12, 2008

Summer reading

i am soo happy that summer is about to begin, i already have about 10 books that i have to read and i can't wait to get home and start reading in other news i really need to stop the whole barnes and nobles thing, cuz now it seems like that is the only gift card that i get barnes and nobles, and being that i hate buying books it makes life infinitely harder



my eyes

I have to get a new pair of eyeglasses and frankly i don't know where to start. I am thinking that if i add all the lenses and frames i will need in the next 50 years and those that i have used up to now, i think i am on pair number five, maybe it will be more fiscally responsible to just go the laser route, but then again what are the side effects of eye laser surgery, i mean maybe after getting it in 26 years i will develop a genetically mutated version of the ebola virus which can only be found in the eye.


i am wondering

Teak anyone

I have a friend that is into teak furniture actually she is one of those IKEA people who have evolved into a higher level of home decorating, it really is fascinating how easy a hobby can turn into a profession, she not only rearrangers her place constantly but now she gets paid to do it for others. I am a little bit angry that i did not get endowed with the gift of decoration

Monday, May 05, 2008

Credit crunch

So yeah the economists are telling us that the country is in a recession, some people are saying that this is the beginning while others are saying it is almost over and then to add insult to injury we have to deal with the obscene gas prices which refuse to rest from their climb up the mountain, so i guess here is a question what is the first thing to go, trips to the musuem, basement dehumidifiers, AC in cars, movies, pizza

how are u trying to save money.