Monday, December 31, 2007


There are similiarities in the woes of various professionals. By this I am talking about the effect the job has on the children of certain professionals. For instance a pastor and a doctor get paid different wages LARGELY different wages but their kids suffer the same absentee parent syndrome and then one can also compare army brats to pastor's kids again when it comes to military relocation but then maybe I am just trying to say that being a PK is harder than any other role.

Happy new Year.

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Daydah said...

Being a PK is surely harder, what with the pressure from everyone watching your every move. They want to be able to say, "If pastor's daughter can wear that, then why are you trying to counsel my own daughter against flirting with older men?"
(I'm sure your sister B can testify to you have been great - you and your sisters have never giving a dang, which is the way it should be!