Sunday, December 09, 2007

Vegas baby

I've decided to get married in Vegas. Right now I am looking for discount hotels Las Vegas on the Strip so that we can spend all the money we did NOT spend on flowers, wedding dress, tux rental, hall fees, food for a thousand, invitations to friends you haven't spoken to in years, a website that is visited by your enemies and a host of other stuff I don't care about. Did I mention that there will also be NO kids, yes, no kids no flower girls that are cute but spend the entire service fussing, no minister that acts like he knows you.

So yeah,

Now all I have to do is find a groom.



Tutsy said...

Lol...babe i so feel u on that!!!...if only there wasn't so much fuss that goes into a naija wedding, perhaps the couple might actually enjoy the day u know?

As per Vegas...don't know if i get liver for that one folks would be-head me.

Oh by the way, i love your conclusion..."all i have to do is find a groom"...LMAO...u can say that again.....i can so RELATE!

Daydah said...

i was about to ask who the groom was, and how come i didn't know about the plans, until i read tutsy's needs to lead you to that lucky guy real soon!