Thursday, August 04, 2005


The travel is difficult on your relationships with loved ones, unless they are coming along with you, which may not be possible. ~ Tim Cahill

I'm seized by wanderlust again. It came and went earlier this year, and then I settled into this routine. However, due to recent events it's once again firmly in my mind.

I want to go to Australia.

I need to go to Australia.

I have to go to Australia.

My life is very kosher here. Nothing major to complain about, I have a roof over my head, food in my belly, a wonderful man that adores me and I'm relatively happy. So why I am seized with the unrelenting desire to travel and see the world? I know that it's hard migrating to a foreign country, and yet at the same time I'm thrilled with the expectation of forging into the unknown.

My nursing license came in the mail from Australia a few months ago. I have to find a job, interview, get a visa and buy my ticket. I probably won't end up going until mid-January but even so, I'm so excited just with the prospect. I embrace life least I try to, and it's been a litany in my head ever since I realized that I could go.

The only drawback is my family and friends. I'm very close to them and know that it will be a rough transition and I'll probably blame myself a thousand and one times for the separation. I know that I'm going to miss them like crazy, every minute of every day, and yet...I still want to go.

What to do...what to do....


NML said...

Will you take the man with you? Lots of my friends from the UK and Ireland have lived in Oz and loved it. Follow the dream x

PoeticVixn said...

Sweets, you left your friends and sister behind when you left MD to go to CA. Your parents are in Nigera and your other family is scattered around various States. I say, Go to Austrailia. =o)

may said...

i'm with you in being adventurous. iwas registered in one of the states in australia afew years ago. i trained there to be an rn, but did not go back to work. you know the pay here is bigger, right? and you know too that australians, in general, are still adjusting to having other people around; unlike americans who are in general used to the idea of having other people around them. if you know, and you think you are okay with that, i say, GO!

Justice said...

I want to go to Australia someday. It seems like an interesting place to visit. Good luck on getting there.

Storm said...

I'm jealous! Was it difficult to get your nursing license from there?

Vixen said...

NML ~ He doesn't want to go...:( yet. I hope he changes his mind.

Poeticvixn ~ Guess so. But you know how the family is.

May ~ Thanks for the heads up. I know it's not going to be a bed of roses, but I still want to go!!

Justice ~ Thanks!

Storm ~ Not really. It only took 5 months! They had an issue cos my ASN degree awarded me an RN, but all their RNs had BSNs or higher. Once I proved to them I was up to par by having my former boss send all the CEUs I had taken and other classes, then they caved. It only cost 65$, not including mailing fees.

Scott said...

You sound like me twenty years ago. I had an interview with a company in Sydney but didn't get it, but the recruiter moved here for a while and looked me up, and, well, it worked out in my overall favor. I just moved east from the East Bay, worked in Walnut Creek.

suki said...

I would say - go for it!! It's a once in a lifetime opportunity. Your loved ones will be there when you return. :)

Diane said...

I know this is an old thread, but I was just wondering whatever happened to your plans to come to Australia?

You may not remember me, but I run a Yahoo Group for Americans living in Australia. You were a Member there until recently.

When I saw you had unsubscribed, I got curious about your plans...and how they were going...or if you had changed your mind. You seemed so enthusiastic about living here. *smiles*

I hope that life is good for matter what you have chosen to do! *smiles*

Vixen said...

Hey Diane,

The plan is on hold now. I might head back out in a few years, but things in my life are going in a different direction.

Diane said...

ah, okay. Thanks for the reply. *smiles* I wish you well in your pursuits...wherever they may take you.