Thursday, April 30, 2009

church buildings

i went to this church and i was blown away by the intricate design and details. I normally don't pay attention to the color of carpet or anything like that. This is the truth but then i looked up at the light fixtures and i was wowed. i'm serious i mean what is the point of decking up the building if the people are cold on the inside. for real these people are more concerned with buildings than with hearts.

i could go on

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Brad K. said...

In ancient times, craftsmen and religious men used their crafts to decorate and adorn Church buildings. The tradition continues today. The adornments are intended to inspire devotion and enrich the worship experience.

Do adornments distract one from truth and insight? Sometimes, maybe. Are they a waste of money? Most times gifts and endowments are made specifically to adorn and enrich the building.

I haven't seen your church, I don't know the story of the building and adornments. You might find it worth asking.