Friday, June 23, 2006

What Color is Your Lucky Underwear?

I actually don't even own any purple underwear. I might need to go buy some.

Your Lucky Underwear is Purple

Dreamy and idealistic, you envision great things for your life. Your lucky purple underwear can make those dreams come true!
You're a busy little butterfly. You have the most projects, interests, and friends of anyone you know.

You also have a flair for the dramatic. Sometimes too much drama comes in to your life and brings things to a stop.
If you want to focus more, and flutter less, put on your purple underpants. They'll help you get the important things done.


Delaleuverses said...

Mine is aqua blue today so what does it mean? lol, nice post

Icen said...

In Venezuela, the girls wait for the New Year with yellow Underwear, the women buy the existence of yelow pantis, is a madness: they say: godbayehe old year and -hi to de next one-, dressing yellow's Lucky Underwear.

sorry for my english