Thursday, June 01, 2006

Book Review

We are the scary things that go bump in the night. And we love every minute of it. So when you think you're being watched. You just might be. The question it something evil or is it someone wicked? ~ excerpt from first DH book.

by Sherrilyn Kenyon

This is not one of those reviews that make any sense unless you are a Dark Hunter fan. So you should probably skip this post....I'm pretty much just ranting.

Yes, I did get it the same day it came out. Yes, I did pay $19.99(ugh). Was it worth it? Hells yea! I loved the book. It is definitely bigger with a heavy storyline than the original DarkHunters and Ravyn is a pretty decent hero. Once again Sherrilyn throws a wrench into the world of DH as we know it and after this book nothing is ever the same. Do I recommend it—yes, it’s intergral to following the DH story. If you are going to miss out on a book, this isn’t one to miss out on, you have to read it just for the plot points alone.







My complaint ----we needed more Ash in all his wonderfully scrumptious Acheron-ness. What’s the deal Sherri? Sure I like Savitar and he kicks ass but Ash is the alpha hero that we know and love. I can’t believe that you kept Ash away for majority of the book. Uuugh. I positively hate Artemis, always have, but now I hate her worse.

Ravyn, he’s okay. Didn’t knock my socks off like Vane did. Guess I only have room in my heart for one shapeshifting cat.

Susan, now she is one kickass heroine. Literally. She reminded me alot of Tabitha but not so dark. She was really funny, I loved her. I like how she held her own in all the fights and ended up saving Ravyn alot instead of the other way around. Way to go babe!

Stryker is back in full form. He’s really the ultra villian, the one that never dies and keeps on coming back. I think he’s going to be in alot of the books until the ultimate showdown between him and Ash. After all, the Destroyer must eventually pick her favorite twin.

Nick…...I CAN’T BELIEVE IT. HE SHOULD FRIGGIN KNOW BETTER. WHAT THE HELL??? I can’t believe it. My heart is breaking….I hope he sees the error of his ways and does something to fix it real soon. I like how she incorporated Katrina in the story.

Satara (or whatever her name is), royal PIA! I’m mad that Ash didn’t notice her in the Sanctuary club when he had that convo with Nick. That was totally not Ash…..he notices everything. Sheesh.

Loved the new characters introduced. I hated the killing of Belle, that was so wrong. Can’t wait to read Zoe’s story, I hope it’s a better female DH story than Danger’s was. Now Cael’s story is going to be very interesting now that he’s a DH Daimon. Almost creepy to think about. His friends are going to be hunting him. I hope him and his mate survive. I wonder how that’s going to end out. At least Ash knows about this.

So many plot points going through my head. I loved this book. But I was completely thrown for the loop and not expecting alot of what happened.

So when’s the next one coming out? October right?

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