Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Blogger Obituary

A man never knows how to say goodbye; a woman never knows when to say it. ~ Helen Rowland

It seems that every season, every month, one or two of my favorite blogs end up disappearing to the place where dead blogs go. Some stop posting because they are going through major changes in their lives. Some are over the fad of bloggin and just can't be bothered. Some have gotten book deals. While others have gotten sick of the blog wars and cliques. There are several reasons why a blogger would choose to end their blogging days, and every time, it's just when I get nice and comfortable with them.

So maybe I'm cursed. Maybe I'm the plague that sweeps across the blogosphere, with my witty comments and internet affection. Maybe I terrify them, or perhaps I scare them into shutting down. Maybe I pressure them with my adulation and praise, my curiosity to know everything about these strangers that I have encountered. I don't know.

I just know that I won't ever get attached to a blog ever again. Cos you guys are fickle. And can't be trusted to stay dammit!

This post is dedicated to the following blogs, in order of disappearance. The survivors are the blogs that rose up in my estimate to take their place in my Reader.
  1. Brandy's Bitchin' survived by Why I Hate My Husband
  2. The Breakup Babe survived by Tired of Men
  3. Dear Abby's Waste Bin survived by We Three Bitches
  4. Risque Smile survived by Overworked but Underfucked
  5. Single and Fabulous survived by Charming but Single
  6. Happily Never After survived by Virginia Belle (It took a while to fill this slot!)
  7. A Singular Man survived by Useless Men
  8. Enigmatic Life survived by Requiem of College Days
  9. Conversations About Famous People survived by Young, Black & Fabulous
  10. Ask the Pope survived by Scared Bunny
  11. It's All About Me survived by The Accidental Mistress
May you all enjoy your real life away from the blogosphere. I hope you are happy, loved and successful wherever you are. And if you think of coming back...please let me know;) Now for the survivors---don't you dare quit on me! I don't think I could stand another upset in my blogroll. So behave people! If you need blog fodder, let me know:)


Useless Man said...

Thanks for including us in your new links. As sad as it is to lose a blog, I hope that over time we can help fill the void left behind.

Or maybe we can share some cake. I like cake. And those little sandwiches made of coloured bread. Mmmmm.. blue coloured sandwiches... with egg salad...

... nevermind ...

minijonb said...

I was truly bummed out this week when It's All About Me went off the air. I might save a space on my Blog Roll in memorial.

Tutsy said...

lol....are u for real men? dedicating a whole entry on "deceased blogs" ROTHFLMAO. That was kinda cute though, the way u wrote it. Sounded like u were writing a real obituary.

Virginia Belle said...

awww, thanks for the support. glad you like what i'm doing. i will continue to blog for quite some time, i can assure you! far too many crazy things happen to me. plus, something is always pissing me off and i talk too much. so i can assure you i am going nowhere. :)


NML said...

Well you know that I love ya :-) I LOVE YBF and I am checking out Useless Man right now!