Monday, June 05, 2006

A-Z Meme

I got this Meme from Ore's Blog.

Accent – Depends on whom I'm talking to. But for the most part is a mix of Naija, Valley Girl and some tones from both East and West coast. Very eclectic.
Booze – Once in a while I'll go for something sweet like Moscato or Hard Lemonade.
Chore I hate – Ironing, I absolutely try to get by without ironing. If my clothes need ironing they won't get worn, or bought.
Dogs/Cats – Neither.
Essential electronics – PC, Ipod, Cell phone, camera
Favourite Perfume – I'm a connoisseur. I have alot of favorites, Rare Gold, Cool Water by Davidoff, Little Black Dress, Spirit by Banderas, Very Sexy by VS
Gold/Silver – Silver all the way baby!!
Hometown – Otun Ekiti
Insomnia – Sometimes. I'm a night owl though so I guess it really isn't insomnia?
Job Title – Freelance writer.
Kids – Three. Adopted or born, doesn't matter.
Living arrangements – Family home
Most admired trait – Intelligence
Number of sexual partners – None ya bizness.
Overnight hospital stays – Enough! Gosh, I guess like 2-4 a year due to the sickle cell. Uugh. Don't remind me.
Phobia – Nothing. I fear nothing. So I guess that would make me Phobiaphobic. Or Nullaphobic
Quote – "Above this all, to thine own self be true," Shakespeare's Hamlet.
Religion – Christian
Siblings – 1 brother, 4 sisters.
Time I usually awake – 10 am
Unusual talent – Peacemaker
Vegetable I refuse to eat – Asparagus. Yuck!
Worst habit
X-rays – Usually get one every admission. At least.
Yummy foods I make – Jollof rice, beef stew, lentil stew, chicken marsala, chicken vino bianco
Zodiac sign – Lovely Libra


Poetic Justice said...

ode you don't even know how many siblings you have. You have 3 sisters and one brother. We are a total of five not six kids.

missing you sha! o da bo o!

Vixen said...

Obviously you ain't counting Bola. Now who's the Ode???

Ore said...

LOL! You two are too, too funny!

I see you hate ironing too. I used to buy only stretchy clothes so that I wouldn't have to iron. Now, I work in a place where everything needs ironing.

Poetic Justice said...

Oh yeah! in that case then you have to count Bola (male)

So then (idiot) you have two brothers and four sisters.

Who's the idiot now!

Vixen said...

Ore, I totally feel ya. I love me those stretchy shirts:)

Lawyer, Bite me!

Poetic Justice said...

Ahhhhh bite you? emi? Bite you?

haba, we go see who bites who! (insert smile here) miss you