Saturday, September 08, 2007

Football WHAT

My sister has recently developed a fascination for football. I actually think it has become an obsession. Here’s the story I call her about a week ago, I think it was last Thursday to ask about her purse that was supposedly missing and all she can say is that “We’re winning” at this point I’m confused because I thought she was talking about my family and then she said Indianapolis is winning, the colts are winning.

WHAT! We are Nigerians, we DO NOT watch American football. The only football we watch has been demoted to the ranks of soccer so I was puzzled by the intensity in her voice and then she proceeds to lecture me about the league and the New England Patriots and how the Indianapolis Colts are related to the New York Giants because of the quarterbacks and how she doesn’t like Tennessee football and by this time I have tuned her out. So yeah to all of those converted football freaks stay away from my house.

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