Monday, September 10, 2007

Bye Bye Hugh

I used to have this crush on Hugh Jackman. Yes, it started with X-Men, something about the whole rugged and tortured soul reached out and grabbed my heart. So in an effort to exorcise myself of the Hughiness I decided to have a Hugh Jackman maranthan.

EEEER. Wrong move. His earlier stuff was charming but the more recent films are acting a bit disturbing. Have you had the time to watch THE PRESTIGE or THE FOUNTAIN. I sat down and tried to figure out the movie and the more I tried the more confused I got. The FOUNTAIN is a classic case of genius gone crazy. Hugh loves his wife and so he embarks on this quest to find a fountain of youth which of course is hidden in a garden of life somewhere in South America. Let mii stopnoovie and then maybe you will be able to come back and vent about how ridiculous it was.


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Anonymous said...

Well honestly will come forth...Tghe Prestige I found absolutely fascinating and yest I have watched much more than once at the cinema. Hugh's performance of Angier was classical and there were so many different shades to his character it was enthralling. The partnership betwenn Hugh and Christian Bale was a stroke of genious by the director Christopher Nolan and the complimented each other in their torment and fanatical dream to be the best. Wonderfully supported by Michael Caine, Davie Bowie and Andy Serakus.

The Fountain - well this really requires something too many people do not have - concentration. I concentrated and the two stars Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weiss gave Oscar winning performances as far as I was concerned. Particularly when Hugh is so despaired about Rachel he holds back the tears but he cannot stop them - I sobbed this man is an actor - where are we all looking - probably at someone like Tom Cruise who could not act his way out of a paper bag because all his character are the same - the location and the suit changes but not much more. But the scripts are good.

I saw Hugh on the stage in London and believe you me it was 1998 but the memory is as fresh now as it was then. His acting, singin and dancing talents were beyound beliefe. His charisma, personality and snese of fun were so apparent. If that was not enough he is so handsome, has a devilish smile and the body of a Greek God, I rest my case

Anne Hedley - MidnightAngel