Monday, July 02, 2007


Paternity is a legal fiction. ~ James Joyce

I was watching this case on Judge Judy last night in which a deadbeat dad refused to provide for his child for 5 years claiming that he needed a paternity test before he would give any money whatsoever to his ex wife. I've seen cases like this before but this one was more weird because he moved to another state, got married and is taking care of his new wife's 3 children...leaving his own blood child with no extra support.

The only reason I'm thinking about this is cos one of my patients last night showed me pictures of his 2 kids and I told him, "wow, they are so your kids, they look just like you." Later he told me that they weren't his biologically but his children of the heart. Wow.


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Adventures In Waitressing said...

I know or rather have known people like that.. sad to say. My oldest is adopted.. but when he is paired with my other two.. no one doubts he is mine. My youngest doesn't even have a dad. Knew the man for years, told him I was pregnant and he ran. Don't need him, don't want him. And I know I don't want a man like that around my boy. He needs a real man in his life. And one of these days. I plan on finding one.