Sunday, April 01, 2007


Dreams seem to have a will of their own. ~Henry Reed

Man, I had such a weird dream last night. The Boyfriend and I were at this delicious Bed & Breakfast which just happened to be a hella close to our house. For some reason there was a murder at the inn and they thought it was me...even though I had spent the whole night having wild, red & black sex. (It's a dream remember---it doesn't make sense~)

Anyway, in my lurid imaginings the Boyfriend helped me escape from the claws of the village people by distracting them when he dropped his pants. They were all over him and started worshipping him and I took that opportunity to run. He was right beside me..even though they were now worshipping ...a clone? of him or something.

Like I said, hella weird. I'm surprised I even remembered it. LOL!

So what does it mean? Any suggestions?


Randomly Sane said...

lol - it means you have an overactive imagination - and that boyfriend clearly works it in the bedroom!

Virginia Belle said...

i don't know what it means. but i laughed out loud when you said he dropped his pants and people started worshiping him! that is hysterical. i bet your boyf liked that part.