Saturday, March 24, 2007


Sleep is a reward for some, a punishment for others. For all, it is a sanction. ~Isidore Ducasse Lautreamont

My creature of habit-ishness extends in all areas of my life, from what I wear, the order I do my dishes and even the way I sleep. Some say it's an element of OCD-ism, but I just say I'm being particular.

All my life, I've been stunned by the ability of my family members to fall asleep anywhere and everywhere. My dad could be talking to you one minute and totally snoozed out the next. It doesn't matter where he is---he could fall asleep on sleeper sofas, floors, cars and even in a pool of water.

The Boyfriend is the same way and has been known to succumb to sleep wherever. As for guessed it, I have to be on a particular spot of my usual bed, in a particular spooning position before I can even start counting sheep.

And that's why I'm awake now. Because my bed was given up to house guests and the couch is so not going to do tonight. *sigh*


Jaycee said...

Oh my gosh...I feel like u just described me. Everyone complains abt me (lol)...cos when my head hits the pillow I'm gone. When I'm watching ANY movie (even the ones that I claim are my favorites), they look at the couch and I'm gone...anything I do, it takes me 1 second to sleep...

Vixen said..., my dad is like that too! And i believe one of my sisters is. I think I actually envy that power at times, when I'm so tired but can't fall asleep!