Sunday, March 25, 2007


Caffeine. The gateway drug. ~Eddie Vedde

Even though I'm not a huge coffee fact, I absolutely detest coffee, there is something in caffeine that is still quite exotic to me. Once in a while I might have a ROCKSTAR, it's like Red Bull but actually tastes much better. They have 32 oz. cans now and the Boyfriend and I tend to split one, with him drinking the lion's share. Although it's really good, for some reason, I don't feel a kick or extra alert or anything. Maybe I'm just immune to all the gunk they put into it because that's my superpower.


1 comment:

Virginia Belle said...

what? you don't like coffee???? that's it. i can't read your blogs anymore.


but seriously, what? coffee is delicious and nutritious.

if you're not gonna drink it, can i have yours?