Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I'm Published!!!

For some reason all week my Stat Counter has been steadily increasing. It wasn't until I checked my email yesterday that I realized why. I got interviewed last October for an article written by the ultra fabulous Nina Malkin for ESSENCE magazine on current dating trends. The article came out in February's issue of ESSENCE and I'm quoted all through.

WOOHOO! Break out the bubbly...

In fact, Nina was gracious enough to include a link to the blog in the very first page, and I guess that's where all the hits have been coming from. For everyone who hasn't seen it...go get your copy of ESSENCE right now! It's going to become a collector's item...(after I write my New York Times bestseller) so you might want to hold on to it;)

The article starts on page 179 (pay special attention to numbers 2, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 21, 22 & 28!), and it's a great read for singles in the dating game and couples looking for new ideas to spice up their relationships.

Guess I'm officially in this writing thing now...I started doing a jig right at the supermarket counter...and have pretty much been on cloud nine ever since.

So a hearty welcome to all the peeps who read ESSENCE and stopped in to check out the Bad Girls Guide as well as this blog. And great big hugs to everyone who's been reading my little corner of the blogosphere whether since it's inception or just a minute ago. Thank you all.

Okay, now it's time to celebrate!!


Ore said...

Congrats! I have that issue and somehwo missed it. You gave some great suggestions. You must feel like a real star!!!!!!

hider said...

Congrats darling. I will pick up a copy tomorrow x

Randomly Sane said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You rock! And totally deserve it - I'll make sure to get my issue immediately!

Vixen said...

Still floating---you guys are so sweet:D

DiAmOnD hawk said...

i was looking for Essence all around me before i came to this blog...i hope it's the feb ed. ur referring to. was finally able to get it (as in it's sold out around me)....got it cuz my one of my classmates got proposed on there...so it's good i have another reason to hold on to it