Friday, October 06, 2006

The Alley

I went to an outdoor market today. It reminded me alot of the markets we have all over the place in Nigeria. It's called the Alley, and it's in downtown LA with mostly ethnic business owners that sell things wholesale prices. And to top it off---you can bargain down the price like you are in a bazaar. Wowza!

It was hard to resist buying stuff I didn't need, 5 sets of socks for 5 bucks, cute knockoff purses/clothes for hella cheap prices. And they had sexy jeans for about $9.99. Ooooweee! The only drawback is that it was cash only, but they had ATMs everywhere so you could spend as much as you wanted. Fabrics, fresh produce, carpets, suitcases and everything man!

If you ever have the chance, and aren't scared of sitting in LA traffic for close to 2 hours, check out the Alley.

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Randomly Sane said...

been there - absolutely love it!