Sunday, October 08, 2006

Misses & Wishes

I love being with my family, my friends, and my boyfriend. ~ Monica Keena

Now if I could have them all in one place, life would be idyllic. My vacation comes to an end in approximately 48 hours. As much as I want to stay, I really am craving to go back home.

I miss my bed. And my books. And my computer that knows all my habits/passwords and favorite pages. I miss my routine, and having 5 bars on my Cingular phone. I miss my family, and those squishy all encompassing loving hugs that they give.

I miss the Boyfriend. Alot. And it's not even a week yet.

I never figured I would be part of a 'joined at the hip' couple---and we aren't. We don't even see each other every day. But just the illusion of distance has added a different vibe to our conversations. I really didn't think I had grown that attached to him but it turns out that yeah...I can't take a vacation without thinking about him regularly throughout the day.

If I could have all my close family, friends and the Boyfriend in one location, I think I'll be ecstatic for the rest of my days. (At least until they start getting on my nerves!)

Hope you are having a lovely weekend as well.

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NML said...'s love :-) I must say that since my mum has moved to London with little bro, I really feel like life is complete.