Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I got tiny micro braids on my hair today. It took 10 hours! YIKES. Fortunately I was able to sit still and not fall asleep. She did a really great job, very even braids, all exquisitely tiny. That's another great reason to come down here. On top of that was the price---$85.00 baby! They were so pretty that I had to add a nice tip on top.

Anyway, I'm going to LA proper tomorrow. Hopefully it won't rain.


Lushy said...

Hope you have a wonderful trip!

Virginia Belle said...

OMG ten hours??? that is way, way past my patience level. but it sounds like they look so good, it was worth it. i can't believe the price! i thought micros costed hundreds!

just realized i missed your birthday. so sorry! i hope you had a fabulous one.

btw, your birthday is my parents' wedding anniversary date. it's a good luck day, i must say. they had a wonderful 29 year marriage--they were totally in love up until the day my dad died. you have a good day for a birthday. :)