Saturday, September 30, 2006

Birthday Plans

This time last year I was languishing in the hospital sharing cheesecake with the nurses and patients that didn't have diabetes. However this year, I'm flying down to LA again, with the Boyfriend in tow to introduce him to my oldest best friend. She's #5 on that list.

Anyway, since she has yet to give her stamp of approval/meet him and the Boyfriend has some business down there, we just decided to kill two birds with one stone and take our first official overnight trip together. It's going to be a short trip for him (3 days), and longer one for me, (you know I can't go visit LA for anything less than a full week!). It's our official first trip together. WOOHOO!

I've already done my laundry and emptied out my suitcases from my last trip, so tomorrow will be spent packing. Hopefully I will have it done in good order for my early birthday dinner party!

I'm turning 26 y'all. I'm officially in my late 20s. Now I can actually get the street cred for having some life In fact, more than you think!

Here's a shoutout to my friend Mary for being the first person this year to show me some birthday lurve. I'm loving my present btw.


Dami said...

welcome to the twenty-sixes. so far it's been fun, exciting and life changing. take it all in stride!

NML said...

Happy birthday darling. Welcome to the darkside ;-) Have a fab time x