Sunday, October 01, 2006

Dear Vixen

Dear Vixen,

I'm writing this letter with the wish that I had the ability to put it in a time capsule and send it backwards to you, so that you could get it on the eve of your 13th birthday, at the point when you are finally emerging out of your childhood into womanhood.

So far your life has been pretty great. You have adoring parents, wonderful siblings and no personal tragedies to speak of. You get to win all the fights with Poetic Justice even though she's bigger and badder than you. Life's good. You managed to live through the worst health battle you have yet encountered, fighting typhoid, malaria, pneumonia and a sickle cell crises combo with flair and confidence. Good thing you made it to Camp this year. You would have really hated that.

Two years from now, you will finally stand up for what you want, and I have to say that I'm really proud of you. I know it took a while, 9 months of hell in a public school before you worked up the nerve to ask your parents to send you off to private boarding school. Your timing is impeccable, and you manage to skip a whole grade. Deciding to go to ASHS was the best choice for you, and your whole family will thank you for it. Be sure however to solidify your standing in school as a woman of substance before Poetic & your other siblings come over 6 months later and instantly become the most popular thing on campus. I'm not asking you to be Miss Popularity---but could you just try to be a little more outgoing? Jeez, it's like you live in your world of books, studying and writing, and only poke your head out of a book long enough to grab another. Socialize with your classmates. Form tighter friendships. These are some of the best friends you could ever make all under one roof. Oh, and don't get that upset when you aren't elected Head Girl, it's nothing personal, they just didn't want their school prefect to be one that is out sick alot.

You make me really proud with those grades though. Freshman college year was a breeze. Sophomore year brought by some bumps. Don't let that whole craziness with Smacker affect you so hard. Just because he's a little stupid boy that doesn't know when to take no for an answer is not your fault. In fact, go out with him, accept all those presents and have fun. Don't worry, your mom created an Out Clause from the whole drama, so enjoy yourself for the next 9 months. Before Smacker knows what hit him you would have bounced anyway. Party a little bit, break the rules more---loosen up girl, you are way too square.

When you do come to the US, explore every facet of your new life and experiences. Stay away from Columbia House & BMG though---those motherfuckers will take all your hard earned money! Be sure to stay focused in college, because nursing school is no joke. I know it looks like it's hella hard, especially when you keep getting sick every semester, but don't worry---you WILL graduate, with flying colors at that. Please learn how to drive and while you are at it, get a driver's license. Because if not, it's going to take you half a decade to actually get one! Oh, and Sherwin is an asshole, no matter how pretty he is, be sure to pass that on to Joycii and the crew before he starts breaking hearts.

After graduation, do something fun with your classmates. You all planned a congratulatory cruise....what happened to that idea? Perhaps if you had done that you would have stayed in touch better. I know staying in touch isn't your strong forte, but how are you supposed to know about the 10 year reunion if you don't keep in touch?

Everything happens for a reason, so don't hold the mistakes you made in the next few years on yourself. Make sure you learn from all of them and don't make them again. Also, practice due diligence when it comes to contracts and status. Read the fine print! Start saving in your 401K from the first day on the job that you are eligible, you'll need that money later. Don't let opportunities slip you by and live every moment with fervor and the thirst for adventure that I've known that you've developed. Especially the summers of 2001/2002--for surely babe, those are the best summers of your life, so far.

And yeah, have fun, but please, cut down on the shopping sprees and racking up the credit card debt. Actually listen to your Mom when she tells you that credit cards are a gift from the devil incarnate and stay on the straight and narrow. Pay off your balance every month and you'll be fine for many years to come.

When Poetic jumps into the fray with any of your lousy boyfriends, even if you didn't think they were lousy at the time and were the best thing since sliced bread, listen to her...she actually has really good intuition about these things. Think with your head, and not with your heart---at least not until the wonderful fall of 2005. That way you can spare yourself some heartbreak.

You're a pretty smart girl, with a good head on your shoulders, I'm actually proud of you for sticking with your ideals and doing your own thing despite opposition from all sides. I know that you want me to tell you more but I can't. At least, not for the next few years. I can tell you this however, on October 30, 2005 you will meet the most amazing guy you have ever met. Trust me, he'll stand out. Don't be so hesitant---he's actually really a great guy.

One last thing, the powerball winning numbers for September 23, 2006 are 13, 21, 26, 45, 50 and the Powerball is 20. The Power Play multiplier is 4. It's a $201 million dollar win so make sure you buy that ticket. Congratulations in advance.

Consider it your birthday present to yourself;)

Have a nice life and I'll be seeing you soon,




Lushy said...

I love this!

Poetic Justice said...

I just have one word to say "SMACKER"!

And I love you! Happy Birthday babe

nino said...

happy birthday whenever it is. best wishes.

Tope said...

iyawo happy baiday !!!