Thursday, February 23, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things About Vixen's BFFs
(Best Friends Forever)

  1. My first BFF ever, besides myself, was my darling younger sister. She was born exactly 1 year, 2 weeks, 1 hour, 30 mins and 2 seconds AFTER me, which yes, means that although she is bigger, she is very much younger!
  2. Of course, the sis after her, the Genius had to gang up with her favorite sister, the baby of the household against us bigger siblings. Oh the drama, oh the trouble we gave them. We fought almost every other day, and it was always the Older Sisters vs the Younger Sisters. Sometimes they even managed to win!
  3. Moving right along, the first friend I had outside of my siblings turned out to be this girl I rode the bus with to school. I was 6 and I remember calling her names. Why she became my friend, I have no idea but we ended up at the playground every day. Another memory...she would eat my olives in the cafeteria and I would eat her brownie. At the end of the school year she moved away; and I didn't really forge any more friendships until after we moved away too.
  4. I went to an all girls Catholic middle high school. On the first day of school, I met this girl that I nicknamed T Square. She was really funny and came home with me on many occasions. We had the same classes and everything, and spent alot of time outside school together. Whenever I missed school due to my illness, she would bring home assignments and gossip making sure I didn't miss a thing. Our friendship came to a gradual end when I switched cities AND schools. We keep in touch via email now, apparently she is happily married to some guy named Richard.
  5. Around 10, I met my first really close female friend outside She is actually the oldest friend I still have, and I remember that I STOLE her from my younger sis. Yeah, she was her BFF first, but somehow she ended up being mine! It wasn't until we got to high school that we really bonded and caused all kinds of mischief on the campus. We were called Double Trouble, had code names for ourselves/everyone we knew and learned to speak fluently in Pig Latin! Good times!
  6. Kat introduced me to BFF #6. I only knew her for a year before I moved to the US but she hung out with me a Kat for the whole school year. We ended up matchmaking her with Kat's older brother who had a HUGE crush on her. After he broke her heart...she never really got close to us again. Sorry sweets!
  7. So I moved to the US and then went off to school in Alabama. The first person I clicked with was Stacey. She was born in England and has this delectable accent even though she's been in the States for 8 years. We ended up sharing an apartment and she guided me through the fashion hazard that was me blossoming to my youth. Under Stacey's tutelage, I rarely if ever had a bad hair day. My dating years officially started here too. We would take before and after pix of her glamming me up...she opened the doors of vanity! Here is another happily married friend to add to the roster.
  8. On the first day of nursing school, I met this really intelligent girl. She was my rival and greatest competition through each of my nursing classes and even though we were rivals we forged an awesome friendship. We would study together, daydream together, and even eat in the cafeteria, envisioning our lives 5 years down the road. After graduation, we went our seperate ways but still kept in touch. On moving to Cali...guess who lives 15 minutes down the road? We now have our bonafide lunches that we had daydreamed about back in the day and talk about nursing and everything else!
  9. I moved back to campus my last year of school so I could focus more on studying (which really was code for party on campus!). Anyway, the first day I had moved to the dorm, I'm lying on my bed blasting music when I hear a knock via the bathroom door. It was my suitemate, N--and she had just come to say hello and introduce herself. Although she was 3 years younger than me, N is very mature for her age and we ended up spending alot of time together. She furthered the beautification of Vixen where Stacey had left off and taught me how to play spades. She lives in Atlanta now, pursuing her dreams and we talk every single week.
  10. N introduced me to Joycii. They were both BFFs and she lived 2 floors below us. Joycii is a fiesty, outspoken and very sexy female, who curses fluently in Spanish and English. I know that definitely her veracity and outspoken-ness rubbed off on me, as well as everything and anything N and her knew about sex. The pair of them were a pair of trouble, just like Kat and I were back in the day. We played spades daily, and even do so regularly till this day. can thank them for the beginning of my sexual renaissance. I moved to the East Coast, much to N and Joycii's horror after graduation. Joycii and I have regular gabfests every couple of days.
  11. On moving to the East Coast...I despaired of finding a decent female friend. Baltimore chicks are very, very different from all the women I have ever come in contact with, and I just never really clicked with anyone. Enter PoeticVixen. We met online, from had just moved to the area. We hung out regularly and she was my weekly movie buddy when lil sis wasn't available. Poetic is a few years older than me, with tons of experience and street smarts under her belt. She is the first to call the BS meter and helped me keep my head out of the clouds on alot of occasions. Daily call time...2.15PM PST.
  12. Somewhere during this whole older sis and I got really close. We never really grew up around the same place but we spent several long and fun summers together at the turn of the millenium. Is it possible to have too many sisters that are all your BFFs? I think not! All my sisters are my BFFs:)
  13. Once again, I moved...this time to sunny Cali. Enter Claire. Once again I met her off the internet, she is a nurse as well, and first thought that I was trying to get her to swing with me and my boyfriend. When she finally believed that I wasn't going to try and seduce her...we really started getting close and spend every single day together. We're like an old married couple, it's almost nauseatingly sweet!
Ok, I'll quit while you are still reading. Here's another successful (albeit late) TT.

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